Open world hunting game “Way of the Hunter” to be delivered on August 16th. Real hunting experience chasing prey in the vast wilderness –AUTOMATON

Publisher THQ Nordic announced on June 24th that Nine Rocks Games’ open world hunting game “Way of the HunterWas announced to be delivered on August 16th. Supported platforms are PC (Steam / Epic Games Store / /PS5/Xbox Series X | S. The PC version will be delivered on August 17th in Japan due to the time difference. Japanese display is supported in the game.

“Way of the Hunter” is an open world hunting game set in the wilderness of Europe and the United States. Supports solo play or online co-op play with up to 3 players. This work features gameplay that realizes a realistic hunting experience, and you can enjoy hunting freely. You can also play while advancing the struggle of the family running the hunting business and the story of the conflicts and friendships that surround it.

Maps with American and European motifs are prepared for this work, and each has a hunting area of ​​55 square miles (about 140 square kilometers). A variety of wild animals live in the vast nature of forests, grasslands, rivers and wetlands. The animals seem to behave just like real animals, and the reaction when they sense the presence of the player is also expressed by sophisticated natural animation. Also, for example, deer antler is generated by multiple factors such as constitution and age. Each one seems to have its own personality.

Although the details of the gameplay of this work have not been revealed yet, it can be seen that the trailer released this time allows you to freely move around the vast map of the open world by car. It seems that you can go on a road without a road, such as running on a steep slope or crossing a river. It will be a flow to go to the area where the target prey lives and hunt.

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Also, in the previously released announcement trailer, you can pick up binoculars, close the distance to the prey by crawling while holding the gun, or check the footprints and dung of animals left on the beast path. It was seen that the animals were wary of the noise made by the player. Blood analysis is also possible in this work. You can also see multiple types of guns. The actual shooting scene has not been released yet, but it is said that it will draw a realistic trajectory by ammunition physics simulation. You can also play a bullet camera to analyze the shooting.

“Way of the Hunter” will be distributed to PC (Steam / Epic Games Store / / PS5 / Xbox Series X | S on August 16th (PC version will be distributed on August 17th). Reservation acceptance has already started, and the price is 5170 yen for the PC (Steam / Epic Games store) / PS5 version and 5200 yen for the Xbox Series X | S version.

Also, “Elite Edition”, which includes a season pass, is available for pre-order at each store. For this work, two types of DLC that add new areas to the map are scheduled to be distributed, and these are included in the season pass.

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