Open the Sara López Foundation scholarship for high school graduates

The Councilor for Citizens Ana Isabel Menéndez will transfer to the Culture Commission the need to increase the events and activities related to the “Princess of Asturias” awards. “Last year, the low weight of Gijón in the programming of the Fundación Princesa was evident, since it only hosted one of the 60 activities”, indicates Menéndez, who insists that “it is time to take an interest before the Foundation closes the choice of spaces.

The councilor of the PP Ángeles Fernández-Ahúja will take the closure of classrooms for the cycle of three to six years to the Social Services and Rights Commission. A problem that, in her opinion, “will be aggravated by the demographic crisis in the region.” “In the first place, parents should be explained why this measure is being taken, with which they are not satisfied,” says the popular mayor, who asks for an alternative use for the classrooms that will remain empty, such as lowering the ratio of students, dedicating them to social uses or expand the spaces for babies”.

The Zentral Rey Pelayo Hotel in Gijón hosts today, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., a program of talks on the challenges and opportunities in employment in the tourism sector. The meeting is intended for professionals in the sector.

The Sara López Foundation opens the call for accompanying scholarships for the next course, aimed at high school graduates without resources with a grade equal to or greater than nine who continue their studies at the University of Oviedo. Applications end July 18.

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