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Volksbank Stadtpark Concerts: Nine days with top-class musicians and cabaret artists –
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In the city park, by Jan Koblasa’s five gates, the series of events “Volksbank City Park Concerts” with well-known artists from the region and all of Bavaria will take place from July 10th to 18th.


They once brought Peter Maffay to Forchheim, David Garrett and, most recently, Sting. This attracted thousands of music lovers on the Jahn site. But Gaby Heyder and her team can also be one size smaller. The “Volksbank Stadtpark Concerts” are intended for around 500 listeners.

“We canceled more than 250 concerts due to corona or postponed them to next year.” Her employees have been on short-time work for 15 months. Now Gaby Heyder finally wants to give “a sign of life for our fans” again. The project has been working on since March. After all, with all the corona measures it is a huge effort. In addition, you can only hire artists who perform without great technical effort and charge fees that you can pay with a few hundred visitors. “We made sure that there is something for every taste.”
Regional band

The Forchheim city park is an idyll

The park has been inviting for a stroll since the 1920s. Numerous exotic trees are at home here.

The Kellerkommando as a regional band with David Saam from Heroldsbach is there, musician Hannes Ringlstetter with his new record, cabaret artist Django Asül, who has already played tennis in Forchheim, or Heissmann & Rassau, who provide “Summer, Sand and Gwaaf”. But also Willy Astor, whom Heyder had been putting in the spotlight since 1986, at a time when the “hunter of the lost sentence” was not even known.

The idea of ​​using the Stadtpark as a concert hall came from the Sparkasse’s CEO, Ewald Maier. Two years ago, at that time the Sparkasse Forchheim was still Heyders’ cooperation partner, the site in the shadow of the baroque bastion wall was discussed: “We were looking for something for the summer.” Especially since the Jahn area would soon no longer be available due to the planned residential development should stand.
The green area with the five stone gates by the sculptor Jan Koblasa, which is bordered by Sattlertorstraße, Philosophenweg and von-Brun-Straße, offers enough space for the stage and the rows of chairs. Of course, the city park, if not this particular place, has already been the site of cultural events several times.

The NN reporter can still remember an open-air picnic concert by the Buckenhofen Music Association in 2010. And for the city’s anniversary in 2005, Verdi’s Nabucco, Mozart’s Magic Flute and an ABBA musical show attracted the audience in droves. This is probably one of the reasons why Heyder has planned an ABBA evening. Incidentally, the city has only marginally to do with the festival. As mayor of culture Annette Prechtel (FGL) explains, it provides the city park for a fee. There is no financial support. It doesn’t need that either.

Forchheim: Play of light inspires in the city park

Lighting planners from the Coburg University of Applied Sciences have bathed parts of the Forchheim city park with the Valentini bastion in atmospheric light. The illumination can be enjoyed after dark until September 9th.

Because the Volksbank Bamberg-Forchheim sponsors the festival with a considerable sum, which Marketing Director Wolfgang Kohn does not want to quantify. The municipality is not involved in the implementation itself. “We do everything ourselves,” says Heyder. This means the fencing of the site, assembly and dismantling, lighting and sound technology, security service and admission and and and. “But we are happy that we met open ears from the city administration, especially the culture office, the regulatory office and the building office.”
In the cultural office in particular, people are happy about the revitalization of the private initiative. From the point of view of the manager, Lorenz Deutsch, it doesn’t matter that there are minor overlaps with the “summer quarters” in Königsbad: “We address different target groups,” says Deutsch. In the city park it is about nationwide known artists, in the Königsbad it is about the local cultural scene. “We have so many people interested in culture in Forchheim that we can do both,” adds Prechtel.

Last year Heyder and her team were able to gain some experience at a small festival on the Böhmerwiese in Bamberg. “We had the same concept. That was very well received by artists and visitors. “
So now a new edition in Forchheim. Incidentally, the “Volksbank Stadtpark Concerts” take place in all weathers: “Unless there is a risk to life and limb due to a storm.” Since the contact details are collected when ordering tickets, all visitors can be informed at short notice if they are canceled.

Heyder has no doubt that every nine days will be sold out: “People are culturally starved. The advance booking is going very, very well. “
Tickets for all concerts are available from Nordbayerischen Nachrichten, phone (09 11) 2 16-27 77.


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