Only parts are completed in a circle

Neckar-Odenwald district.After feedback from the first application process for the country doctor scholarship and a survey of potential applicants from the medical network “Wir für Medizin (er)”, it has been shown that one condition of the contract in particular is more likely to prevent applicants from applying.

Alternative developed

This was the requirement to complete the entire practical year in a circle. An alternative proposal has therefore been developed together with the Neckar-Odenwald clinics. In future, this stipulates that only parts of the practical year have to be completed here. In addition, the regulation has been included in the specifications that two of a total of four clinical traineeships must be completed during the course in the Neckar-Odenwald district.

Chance of further experience

“With the adjustment of the conditions, possible applicants should be given the chance to apply for a scholarship, but still be able to gain further experience outside of the district, especially abroad, during the practical year and the internship,” said the District developer, Lisa-Marie Bundschuh.

The second selection round will follow in spring. Then up to four scholarships can be awarded again. The team for the rural doctor scholarship is already looking forward to numerous new applications to support other students from the district with the scholarship. Further information is available at

Show possibilities

With the platform medicine (er) network “We for medicine (er)”, the Neckar-Odenwald district supports those interested in medicine, medical students, doctors in further training and young specialists in finding the right path: before, during and after graduation. The aim is to keep the network participants up to date with newsletters that are sent out several times a year about the latest developments in the health sector in the Neckar-Odenwald district and to show them specific options, for example where practical parts can be completed or possible during the course Employment and settlement options exist during or after specialist training.

In addition, the network supports the selection of suitable funding opportunities, as well as suitable practice partners and rooms, housing options and, for example, daycare places together with the local authorities and provides assistance.

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