‘Only a few comply with the mouth mask obligation in Rotterdam’


“I now see a group of twenty cyclists arriving,” said reporter Coomans on Coolsingel on Wednesday morning. “And one cyclist is wearing a mask. Well.”

“Yes, I’m going to get one right away today,” explains a cyclist without a mask. “I’m going to stick to it. It’s just the rules.”

“Do you have to put on a face mask here?”, Says another. “I do have it!” Then he put the cap on and drove on.

The few who do have the mouth cap call it a ‘social responsibility’. “We do it for the elderly,” said one of them.

A woman on the bicycle finds that the Rijnmond reporter is in violation of not wearing a mask. Then there is a discussion about where exactly the zone starts.


Face masks are also mandatory on the market from Wednesday. This also applies to the market on the Afrikaanderplein.

“We are announcing with a sound system that it is mandatory,” explains Jay Esajas, market manager of the Afrikaanderplein.

According to Esajas it is inevitable that he will have discussions about the usefulness and necessity of the mask. “But I don’t expect any problems with that.”

Before the opening of the market, several market traders are still walking around without a mask. However, there are alternatives here and there, such as a welding screen.

“Today is still about warning,” Esajas continues. “For the market vendors we have a mask with us. But people who refuse to wear a mask, we ask that they leave the market.”


Face masks are also required at Alexandrium Shopping Center. Not everyone is aware of this.

“I didn’t know it had to be here,” says a gentleman on his way to an electronics store. “I cycled 18 kilometers for it so hope they let me in the store anyway.”

And it works. Almost all shops in the shopping center hand out masks at the entrance. The staff are also wearing mouth masks for the first time today.

In front of one of the shops, a gentleman with a mask is drinking a can of beer and smoking a cigarette: “I just cut a hole in it. Shouldn’t it be possible? ”


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