Online retail draws purchasing power from stores


More than every tenth euro in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s retail trade, and thus around one billion euros a year, is turned over via the Internet – and the trend is increasing. According to Infrastructure Minister Christian level (SPD), this development requires a rethink in stationary retail with shops. A retailer who cannot also be found on the Internet has little future prospect, explained level on Tuesday in Schwerin when presenting a comprehensive study on the effects of advancing digitization on retail.

For the survey commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure, around 4,200 customers were asked about purchasing behavior and expectations in 2018. The results should help the state government to develop strategies with representatives of the trade and the municipalities, with which the stationary retail trade can be maintained as the core of lively and sustainable inner cities.

As a result of the corona pandemic with temporary shop closings and ongoing masking requirements when shopping, online trading had received an additional boost in the past few months. According to data from the Federal Statistical Office, real sales for purchases over the Internet rose by 16 percent nationwide in the first half of the year. By contrast, textile, shoe and jewelery retailers in city centers suffered severe sales losses of more than 20 percent.


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