“One person over another, like a pyramid”: the harrowing experience of a subway user who collapsed

Olivo Station of line 12 of the Metro Collective Transport System after presenting a collapse. Mexico City, May 4, 2021. Photo: Karina Hernández / Infobae

A fateful accident surprised and dressed Mexico City in mourning, after A train of the Metro Collective Transportation System collapsed on Avenida Tláhuac.

Dozens of people were trapped in the wagons that hung from the girders, and while some managed to be rescued alive, mmany others died from the impact.

Through the news channel Tv hole, one of the men who was rescued through the windows of one of the carriages, He declared that it all happened in seconds, and all he could perceive was a “so ugly” sound of blades that thundered.

Then he said, the subway became “like a slide”But he managed to grab onto a tube, like many others, but several people began to pile up at the bottom of the wagons, one on top of the other, “like a pyramid.”

“Suddenly it moved very loudly, there was such an ugly thunder and when I felt, it became like a slide, but wanting to see I grabbed a tube and we were hanging, many people on top of another like a pyramid, despair, screams, a white smokehouse. A thunder of blades, you could see down, you could see the blades all bent, and about 10 minutes or so they brought a ladder and broke glass, window with hammers, I got out as best I could. I started screaming and crying, despair. I thank God that I came out and stayed alive ”, he reported.

On the other hand, assured that the STC Metro wagon was more or less full, although he did not say exactly the number of people who were traveling with him.

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What’s more, revealed that at the time he didn’t really care about helping anyone else on boardWell, “the truth is, what you want is to be one of the first to jump or jump, I wanted to go out.”

Rescuers transport a casualty on a stretcher at a site where an overpass for a metro partially collapsed with train cars on it at Olivos station in Mexico City, Mexico, May 3, 2021. REUTERS/Luis Cortes
Rescuers transport a casualty on a stretcher at a site where an overpass for a metro partially collapsed with train cars on it at Olivos station in Mexico City, Mexico, May 3, 2021. REUTERS/Luis Cortes

The night of this Monday, May 3 A bridge on Line 12 of the Mexico City Metro collapsed at Olivos station, so a convoy collapsed from the track.

The head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, said at a press conference that a trab fell and everything necessary will be worked on to clarify the facts.

According to official information from the CDMX government, there were 70 injured and 15 deceased; However, around midnight it was announced that the rescue had been canceled due to the fragility of the train, and they would wait for a crane to continue.

For the care of the people who were injured by the subway accident, authorities reported that the General Hospitals of Tláhuac and General of Iztapalapa for reception of patients.

This was the moment when Metro line 12 collapsed (Video: Special)

Line 12 of the metro runs from Mixcoac station, and up to Tláhuac, its station number 20. Of the total, four are of correspondence, 15 of passage and there is a terminal.

Also known as “Golden Line”, It was inaugurated by the government of the then Federal District on October 30, 2012, with a total of 12,660 accumulated kilometers.

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The station Olivos is exactly number 16 on Line 12, and is located Av. Tláhuac between Cerrada del Pino and Calle del Panal, Colonia Ampliación Los Olivos.

In its icon, an olive branch is represented. This, since the area was characterized in colonial times by the production of olive oil that was developed in the large estates.


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