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[The Epoch Times, November 20, 2022]The U.S. Army can provide more than 150 different occupations, and U.S. Army soldiers can therefore provide a variety of non-combat types of service to the country. Like everyone else, these military members have countless ways to relax and enjoy life outside of work. Let’s meet our military, learn about their jobs, and see how they spend their free time.

Capt. Susan and Andrew Mosier, active-duty military couple, are both U.S. Army Medical Corps physicians currently stationed at Madigan Army Medical Center in Fort Lewis, Washington.

As recipients of the Army HPSP scholarship, the scholarship not only paid for their entire medical tuition fees, including books and various medical supplies, but also provided them with a monthly stipend. The HPSP scholarship enables the couple to face the high tuition fee of US$500,000 without a penny of debt burden, so that they can focus on medical research.

Capt. Susan Mosier said, “The HPSP program that my husband and I both participate in is a great asset to us, otherwise we would have to repay about half a million dollars in tuition together.” Capt. Andrew Mosier encourages people to join the Army HPSP scholarships are considered part of one’s own family plan.

Capt. Susan Mosier said the military has been great at keeping them together as a military couple. Moreover, they are more likely to obtain residency qualifications in a variety of medical specialties than those who work in military medical centers in society. More importantly, Susan feels that practicing medicine in the military allows her to prescribe treatments without worrying about patients’ ability to pay. This allowed her to fulfill her original purpose of entering the medical profession – serving those in need, especially pediatric patients, who she believes are the most vulnerable in society.

Susan’s husband, Capt. Andrew Mosier, said he has always been fascinated by technology since he was a child, and as a garrison radiologist, he fulfilled his childhood dream by using some of the most advanced imaging equipment.

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Of course, after work, the husband and wife will also relax and enjoy their leisure time. They work out in the gym, and there are four or five different gyms on site. Sometimes they run on the parade ground under beautiful Mount Rainier, play golf at Fort Lewis Golf Course, or hike any of the local mountains.

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