One day, one story. National Education “like an adventure”

From kindergarten to high school. Sylvie Savajols redid the itinerary followed by most students during her professional life, as a teacher and then as a school manager. “I will indeed have known everything and swept away all ages, from the small section to CM2 where I taught in Reunion, then within the management of colleges and high schools”, specifies the one who, after having been principal assistant at the Pergaud high school (2,250 students), the largest in Burgundy Franche-Comté, is preparing to pack her bags again to practice in a vocational high school in the Var.

Nothing, however, predisposed this daughter of horticulturists, raised in the Loiret, to join the ranks of the National Education.

With her baccalaureate in hand, she had gone to the Land of the Rising Sun after doing Langues-O because a beautiful…

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