Once upon a time there were many Chinese castles (2/5)


Castles as far as the eye can see. A concentration of fortresses in the heart of China. They were born from the imagination of a man, who brought the university out of the ground. Offices, classrooms, dormitories, everything has been planned. The campus is huge and stretches for miles. At the sound of the chimes, it is 9 a.m. and all the students are in class. The president-builder presents the school he built, a school of fine arts between Cinderella and Harry Potter castles, Gothic or Baroque style. Sometimes the interiors are Renaissance style. “My initial goal was for students to be able to touch art, all kinds of art and architecture from all over the world”, he admits.

Landmark of the bride and groom

Almost 16,000 students are on campus for 1,000 professors. It is also a school with an international vocation. Foreigners who are there despite the epidemic are warmly welcomed. These castles are also the most photographed in the country. Married couples love to be photographed there.

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