On the stage! – Performances and concerts in the JeKits program

Sat, November 23, 2024, 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

JeKits Training No. 24-OJHS-T-11: The training aims to support JeKits teachers in the implementation of performances and concerts – both on a practical and on a higher level of reflection.

That is why results from the study “Concert Concepts for JeKits – Perspectives on and conditions for success for successful concerts in the JeKits program” are used as a basis. The study is based on a concert concept that was implemented at various music schools in 2018 without the respective teachers being informed about the contents of the other concert preparations. Throughout the school year, there was regular project support right up to the respective performance, on the basis of which conditions for the success of JeKits concerts were developed.

With the help of observation sheets, exemplary JeKits presentations are viewed together and then reflected on and discussed in small groups. From this, the participants develop their own conditions for success. These are then put into practice in small groups through the development of performance concepts. Finally, organizational aspects (procedure, management plans, light, sound, etc.) are on the agenda.

The day training On the stage! – Performances and concerts in the JeKits program is a further training as part of the JeKits program on behalf of the State Association of Music Schools in North Rhine-Westphalia e. V., funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

ministry of culture and science

Instructions for registration

We would like to ask you to indicate in the online registration in the “Message” field which JeKits educational partner or JeKits school you work for. Participation is free for JeKits teachers, so no bank details are required when registering. Lecturers and teachers who are employed by an education partner participating in the JeKits program or a primary or special school involved are considered JeKits teachers – i.e. also lecturers and teachers who are not currently teaching in the JeKits program, but for a JeKits school or work a JeKits education partner.

External teachers can also take part in the training if there are still places available after the registration deadline. Participation in the further training is also free for external teachers, but you have to pay the costs for accommodation and meals yourself.

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Registration until Friday, November 8, 2024

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