On the day when the state rushes to find a vaccine, private hospitals adjust their plans to survey the new bookings of “Moderna”

By considering the latest information The number of people who received the vaccine (28 Feb. – 8 Jun. 2021) total 5,107,069 doses in 77 provinces. The number of people who received the 1st dose vaccine, 3,672,372 people. The number of those who received the 2nd needle vaccine accumulated: 1,434,697 people.

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But… when looking at the vaccine in hand at this time It was found that only two brands, namely Sinovac and Astrazeneca, were not enough. It is the source of several additional procurement by the government, the latest statement is that of Pfizer (Johnson & Johnson) another 25 million doses Sinofarm (Sinopharm) bought through Sinopharm. Chulabhorn Royal College, priced at 888 baht per needle, and Moderna, a private hospital association, purchased through the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO).

According to a statement from Dr. Apisamai Srirangsan, assistant spokesman for the CCP, it is important to note that the government is trying to “unlock” it by expediting the importation of vaccines. which is imported through 5 government organizations, namely the Department of Disease Control, the Pharmaceutical Organization National Vaccine Institute, Thai Red Cross Society, Chulabhorn Royal College or government agencies

in the progress section The “Covid-19 vaccine” that Thai people want to be the top one is the Moderna vaccine. There will be a purchase of 10 million doses, 3 lots will be shipped, the first lot, 4 million doses by October and another 1 million doses by the beginning of 2022, and the rest will gradually follow.

The price disclosed in the preliminary At the same price nationwide, which is 1,900 baht per needle, requiring 2 injections, a total of 3,800 baht.

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Dr. Chalerm Hanpanich, President of the Private Hospital Association

Dr. Chalerm Hanpanich, President of the Private Hospital Association

Dr. Chalerm Hanpanich, President of the Private Hospital Association Revealed to the Thairath online news team that this week there will be a three-part meeting between the private hospital association Zillic Pharma (importer) and the Government Pharmaceutical Organization. And is expected to make an official press conference next week.

detail section from submitting surveys The number remains the same, that is, there are approximately 5 million doses of people interested. will be around October

“If anyone is vaccinated, it may be an injection to stimulate. Which must be vaccinated 6 months after receiving 2 doses of the vaccine, however, it is expected that a new survey design is needed. that I want to inject 1 or 2 injections because the government sector has already given the people a full system of injections.”

Dr Chalerm said that We need to know the numbers clearly. because of the past open for reservation Some hospitals have a lot of reservations. But if the results came out that People only want one needle. Half of the pre-orders were gone because the “Moderna” vaccine needed two injections, like any other vaccine.

Doctor Chalerm confirmed that there is no need to wait for the “Moderna” vaccine because it will take some time. Everyone should go get the government vaccine first, unless who really wants to wait.

The president of the Private Hospital Association said that it is now in the final stage, which is waiting for a response from the discussions between Zullik and the GPO, and will send the matter to the prosecutor. which is considered as a mechanism for purchasing through the government The price that comes out The price is all inclusive (tax, delivery, medical fees) but will have to wait for details from the GPO.

“This price is the price I want. Nearly 400 private hospitals in the association across the country are sold at the same price. Because we want vaccines to be distributed in the same standard. I don’t want more than 4,000 baht.”

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