On sick leave with “authorized outings”, she owes 9,367 euros to the CPAM for having brought her dog to training

On sick leave following a work accident, a Jura childminder must reimburse 9,367 to the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM), which accuses her of unauthorized activities.

The note is salty to say the least: 9,367 euros. This is what the CPAM is asking Karine Carry, a childminder whose Le Progrès recently recounted the misadventure.

“15 reports of anomalies”

Arrested for a total of seven months for a thumb injury that occurred following a work accident, the latter must reimburse the daily allowances she received for bringing her dog to training during her stoppage.

According to our colleagues, the CPAM made “15 reports of anomalies”, even though the childminder thought she was within her rights, her doctor having checked “authorized outings” on her stop.

Social security “in its right”

“The CPAM is in its right, believes Me Corinne Leclerc, a lawyer interviewed by Le Progrès in a second step. Authorized outings without time restrictions does not mean that we are completely ‘free'”.

Thus, according to the latter, the doctor must specify the reasons for which the patient is authorized to leave his home and argue them with a “duly justified medical reason”. This may for example be the case of a physiotherapy session when rehabilitation is necessary for the patient.

To comply with the law, the childminder would have had to bring her dog to training outside the mandatory home attendance slots, i.e. between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. and between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

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