On Instasamka they wrote a statement to the prosecutor’s office after a concert in Yekaterinburg: she is accused of promoting debauchery and prostitution among children | e1.ru

Activists for the protection of family values ​​wrote an appeal to the prosecutor’s office with a request to bring Instasamka to justice.

The author of the statement is Elina Zhgutova from the Ivan Chai Center for the Protection of Traditional Family Values. It is reported by the publishing house “360”.

– Because it is necessary to stop this corruption of young people and people in general. Children, teenagers, youth, our future listen to this obscenity and obscenity. Do we want to see a future like Instasamka? – the activist was indignant in an interview with reporters.

Zhgutova is sure that Instasamka violates the legislation on protecting children from information that is harmful to their health and development. The artist is accused of promoting debauchery and prostitution.

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