on 2 July the concert of the “OpenOrchestra”

After the debut with the Little San Giorgio Orchestra di Cervo, which received warm applause from the numerous and attentive public, the musical review organized by the Nardini association in collaboration with the parish priest Don Stefano Mautone and the parish of Lucinasco, proposes a new appointment in the church of SS. Stefano and Antonino, in the ancient village of Lucinasco.

In particular, on the occasion of this concert it will be possible to visit the museum dedicated to Lazzaro Acquarone, composed of three sections: the sacred section, which includes in addition to the church of the Maddalena, a national monument, a collection of sculptural and pictorial works from the end of the 15th century to 1800; the peasant house which proposes a house from the end of the 19th century, with tools and furniture in common use in that period; ethnographic section, which includes a period oil mill and the collection of utensils and tools of nineteenth-century peasant and artisan life.

Saturday 2 July the protagonist of the evening (9 pm) will be theOpenOrchestra.

Directed by Marco Regitudine, theOpenOrchestraborn in Imperia in 2011, is made up of young performers flanked by others of more advanced age, able to combine at best in the moment of musical intertwining (theOpen plays using scores from 8 to 12 independent melodic lines). The orchestra wants to be a moment of sharing art and growth for young people, with the opportunity, moreover, for all members to try their hand at experiences such as composition, transcription of songs and conducting the orchestra itself under the guide of the director. These possibilities gave rise to the name of the group, OpenOrchestraan ensemble that does not oblige the individual to cover only and exclusively the figure of the performer, but that enhances his skills with a multiplicity of musical experiences that enrich both the person and the musician.

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Currently the violins are entrusted to prof. Salvatore Burgio and flutes to Antonella Bini, one of the most important flutists from Genoa on the Italian scene. The orchestra also presented first-time pieces.

During the evening it will be possible to listen to classical composers, such as Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Mascagni. In the second part of the concert, the direction of the piece by A. Vivaldi is entrusted to Alessandro Paterno (Liceo Musicale “Bruno” Albenga) and will see prof. Marina Giribaldi.

As always, the concert will close with the performance of the Hymn to Joy by L. Van Beethoven.

The next appointment with the review “Concerts on the Lake” is for Sunday 24 July at 4.00 pm at the church of La Maddalena (Lucinasco), with theensemble “The Ancient Garden”composed of flute, mandolin, cello and harpsichord, which will offer us an original repertoire linked to the Baroque period.

All embellished with readings by the “Teatro dell’Albero” and exhibition of oil copies of works of the ‘600 made by the pupils of the course of Figurative Arts of the Art School of Imperia.

L’Nardini Musical Cultural Association informs that, for the organization of the VII Edition of the review “Concerts on the lake“, Given the particular contingency characterized by the Covid-19 pandemic, as happened for 2021, it will be implemented taking into account compliance with the anti-Covid legislation. The Nardini association wishes to thank the Liguria Region, the Province of Imperia, the Municipality of Imperia, the Municipality of Pontedassio, the Municipality of Chiusavecchia, the Municipality of Lucinasco and Borgomaro, the Carige Foundation and all the commercial realities that, through the their contribution, they have always given effective support for the success of the initiative.

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