Omega is the preferred dog name in Ceuta in 2022, the world’s largest online marketplace for pet care, as is tradition, reveals the most popular dog names of the year. By using data on millions of pet names submitted by users and owners, the report reveals that in Ceuta, they are betting on international names for our four-legged friends. As a result, in 2022 Omega, Tomi and Amy top the ranking of the most popular names.

The Top 10 most popular ‘dog’ names in Ceuta in 2022 is the following:

7. Be
10. Trotting

The Top 10 names of ‘bitches’ in Ceuta in 2022:

6. Dolls
10. Trot

This report, on the one hand, analyzes the Top 10 most popular pet names in Spain and in the different Autonomous Communities and reveals, on the other hand, which are the names that have grown the most at a national level, that is, those that are trending in the ranking this year. Food dishes, music, celebrities or travel destinations, among others, are the main sources of inspiration for this year.

Beyond the classic names, such as Luna, Kira or Lola, without a doubt, the protagonists of our favorite cartoons, series and movies are in the minds of dog owners in our country. Perhaps this is because these television and film contents accompany us in some of the most special moments of our lives.

Disney’s The Lion King, with Nala at number 4 and Simba at number 8 in the complete list, continues to be one of the most inspiring films when it comes to choosing a name, while Coco, from Pixar’s film of the same name, crowns the general ranking . Other film characters or characters related to the series that continue to occupy some of the main positions on this list are Thor (6) and Loki (33) from Marvel; Rocky (11); Bruno (13), from the animated film Luca; Toby (14), from Disney’s Tod and Toby; Leia (37) from Star Wars and Arya (24) from Game of Thrones.

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In addition, this year the name of Mirabel, the protagonist of the Disney movie Enchantment, enters the ranking as a novelty. Among the names that have grown the most this year are Drax (+666%) from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy; Mafalda (+866%), the character of the graphic humorist Quino; and Buzz (+216%), the legendary space explorer from Toy Story who starred in the movie Lightyear.

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