Olonkho Day is celebrated in Yakutia – EastRussia

In Yakutia, a national holiday is celebrated – Olonkho Day. This is a holiday of the national epic of the Sakha people. In 2005, UNESCO recognized the Olonkho epic as a masterpiece of the oral intangible cultural heritage of mankind. The head of the republic, Aisen Nikolaev, addressed the residents with congratulations.

In his congratulations, he noted that eternal human values ​​are embodied in Olonkho, the victory of good over evil, unity and rallying in the name of the prosperity of the native land are glorified. All this ultimately helps to preserve the language, customs and traditions.

As EastRussia was told in the government of the republic, in honor of the national holiday, for the first time, scholarships will be awarded to the keepers of the traditional cultural heritage. Seven performers of epic works, seven singers of osuokhai and seven blacksmiths will become scholarship holders. The scholarship was established in honor of the 100th anniversary of the YASSR.

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