Oke Göttlich: Salary caps – DFL should play an international pioneering role

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Salary ceilings – DFL should play an international pioneering role

Stand: 04.08.2020 | Reading time: 2 minutes

So the DFL plans the return of the fans

The DFL has developed a guide on how fans can at least partially return to the stadium. The measures include a ban on standing room, a ban on alcohol and full contact tracking. But politics has the last word.

One day before the DFL General Assembly, Presidium member Oke Göttlich campaigned for the introduction of an upper salary limit. The Bundesliga could become a role model. That had already worked well on another topic.

AFC St. Pauli published a position paper on Friday that caused a sensation. Now President Oke Göttlich commented and explained the reforms of professional football envisaged therein.

Among other things, the paper is about a fairer distribution of TV money and more influence for fans. The demands are aimed at more balanced competition and regulation of expenses, in particular for player salaries, consultant fees and transfer fees. In addition, sustainable management should be rewarded, and the common good should also be given greater consideration.

Clear announcements: Oke Göttlich wants to change professional football, not prevent it

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“It is not a swan song on professional football,” emphasized Göttlich. “We want to uncover the element that made football great: These are attractive games, this is an attractive competition, these are the moments when people like to go to the football stadium with their grandchildren or children.”

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A day before the general meeting of the German Football League, Göttlich, who is also on the presidium of the league association, once again campaigned for an upper limit of player salaries. The head of the Hamburg second division club described the so-called salary cap as an “important contribution to the debate”. “Because of course we have to look very closely at the expenditure side of the clubs – and whether we can afford an open salary scale in the next few years and decades. Or whether we don’t say there are certain limits, ”said the 44-year-old.

Hygiene concept as a role model for the DFL

The capping of players’ million salaries was considered feasible in two Bundestag reports. According to a report by the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the SPD politician Thomas Oppermann commissioned the investigations. A prerequisite for a limitation is the introduction by the European Football Union (Uefa).

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Divine believes that a cap should be introduced, and he can imagine the German Football League as a pioneer association of 36 professional clubs. He does not always like “the flicking of the tongue”, “that this has to happen on the part of UEFA,” he said.

“I believe that anyone who can and can dare to get a hygiene concept 1.0 at the restart of the Bundesliga can also count as a pioneer in financial issues, in order to perhaps take one approach or another forward in the discussion as a DFL, which then leads to healthier competition for society as a whole and then for Europe, ”said Göttlich.


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