Okay, let’s lose it for Coco, the “hot mess” dog from Prey

Amber Midthunder und Coco in Prey

Amber Midthunder and Coco are there preyScreenshot: Hulu

Dan Trachtenberg and Amber Midthunder are new predator Prehistory, preydraws rave reviews from both the critic and fan communities this weekend as Hulu audiences feel drawn into its hyper-focused, disciplined take on the long-running sci-fi franchise.

Hyper-focused and disciplined, on the other hand, are absolute Not Descriptions to refer to prey‘s Breakout Star: Coco the Dog, who plays Sarii, the faithful canine companion of Midthunder’s character, hopeful slayer Naru. Coco/Sarii is one of the great joys of the film – and also her prey Press tour as both Midthunder and Trachtenberg do their best to emphasize their deep love for her while also being fairly honest that she was a massive, happy, energetic, joyful obstacle to actually making the goddamn movie.

“She was kind of a disaster,” Midthunder said in an interview with Dexerto in this week. “She was a bit of a hot mess — but in a cute way.” Midthunder notes that Coco — a Carolina dog, a breed theoretically used by Native Americans before European colonization and that is still found in feral populations today – “wasn’t a movie dog. She was literally adopted for this film and she was just so energetic.”

Trachtenberg, meanwhile, described how it was “always a nerve-wracking moment for us on set, ‘Will Coco like making a name for herself and doing what she has to do?'” All of this again with maximum affection: “Sometimes it was a journey to get there, but eventually she always made it. It was very exciting, there was a lot of cheering when we finally got a great shot with Coco.”

And really, we are very much there for Midthunder and Trachtenberg extremely diplomatically about Coco, presumably so her publicist doesn’t overhear them saying a bad word about her. Midthunder: “So much of Coco’s presence was that she was running wild and doing laps and was so excited to see everyone all the time. For me personally it was a dream. To make a movie, you know… Sarii’s character is very different from Coco’s. It shows what a fine filmmaker Dan is.”

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Trachtenberg notes that his love of dogs inspired him to add a dog to the film The Street Warrior. But it turns out is a pitfall of adding an adorable canine companion to your film: “Everyone said while we were developing it and showing cuts to friends and family, ‘More dog! We love the dog!’ I said, ‘You don’t understand. We use every viable frame of this dog.’”

However: prey is very good – if not necessarily as good as Coco.


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