Ohisama Family Concert Vol.2 To Balloon Paradise ☆ Come on! let’s go! – Kanagawa / Tokyo Tama neighborhood information – Realia

“☀️ Ohisama Family Concert Vol.2 ☀️”
This year’s theme is a secret restaurant 💓

Date: Sunday, August 7, 2022
Location: Asahi Public Hall (4th floor, Asahi Ward Office, Asahi Ward, Yokohama City)
Time:[Open]13:30 /[Start]14:30 (until 15:30)
Contents: Song by singing sister, dance, balloon art performance, healing music played by steelpan, staging of light, etc., It is a variety show that is exciting from adults to children 🎶
Organizer: Sunny mama Dance Circle
Sponsored by: Asahi Ward Office, Yokohama Sound Festival 2022 Partner Business Yokohama Arts Festival Executive Committee

How to apply: ① Please register for the LINE official account “Ohisama Family Concert” and enter “Reservation” to send. ② You will receive an application form. If you reply and reply, your application is complete ☆

Please contact us from the official line account “Ohisama Family Concert”.

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