OGM recruitment application screen! Worker application of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is at İŞKUR!


OGM’s recruitment announcement excited many jobseekers. The date has come for the recruitment of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Permanent recruitment will be made by OGM for the machine operator, grader operator, excavator operator, dozer operator and tractor operator. How to apply for İŞKUR for OGM recruitment?

When do OGM worker recruitment applications end?

Permanent workers refer August 4 – August 10, 2020 will be held between Turkey via the website of the Employment Agency.



In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles to be Applied to Employing Workers to Public Institutions and Organizations, our General Directorate will be employed in the provincial organization of the Construction Machine Operator 200, Grader Operator 200, Excavator Operator 200, Dozer Operator 60 and Tractor Operator 40 in total. Number of permanent workers (permanent) will be recruited.
General and special conditions and other information to be sought in candidates will be specified in İŞKUR open job postings. These announcements will be published on İŞKUR between 04-10 / 08/2020. Candidates who meet the conditions stated in the announcement will make their applications through İŞKUR during the announcement.

Candidates will be invited to the Oral and Applied Exam, 4 (four) times more than the number of positions specified in the job posting. These candidates will be determined according to the result of the draw to be drawn before a notary. The place and date of the lot will be specified in the İŞKUR open job announcement and will also be announced on the website of the relevant Regional Directorate of Forestry. Regarding this, no notification will be made to the candidates’ addresses with written notification. The trial period of all positions to be announced is two months in accordance with the Labor Law No. 4857.

All information regarding the recruitment process, documents to be requested from the candidates and the location and date of the Oral and Applied Exam will be announced on the website of the Regional Directorates. The applications of the candidates, who are understood to have not fulfilled the demand conditions, can be terminated by the administration at every stage of the announcement, exchange, examination and appointment processes.


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