Offenbach: Fire in residential building – two people injured


Several fire departments were involved in the fire in Offenbach.

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In Offenbach, thick smoke escapes from a residential building in the event of a fire. A cellar is on fire. Around 100 emergency services arrive.

  • In Offenbach there is a basement fire.
  • Firefighters and rescue workers are on site with a large contingent.
  • Two people are easily injured.

Offenbach – On Monday afternoon (03.08.2020) there was one Brand in Offenbach. Around 100 emergency services were on site to extinguish the fire and take care of the injured.

According to the Fire department Offenbach was the Brand reported in the afternoon at 16:36. It was a basement fire in the Rosenhöhe district of Offenbach. When the forces arrived, thick smoke was already coming out of the building from all floors of the two-storey residential building. The basement was completely in Brand.

Offenbach: Fire in residential building – around 100 emergency services on site

Three people the fire Department accommodated, were immediately saved and cared for. Two of them had to be hospitalized with smoke gas poisoning, and since the third person was very pregnant, she was also transported to the hospital as a precaution.

According to the fire brigade, the building was in Offenbach a total of 26 people reported. Because it was not known how many of them were in the building, the alarm level was raised. Then all three Volunteer fire departments of the city of Offenbach as well as a fire truck from the Frankfurt Fire Brigade to the site. In addition, other emergency services and a support train and a management unit. A total of around 100 emergency services were on site.

Offenbach: Fire brigade extinguishes fire – cause still unclear

As it turned out later, however, there were no more people in the Offenbacher Building. The Fire was under control around 5 p.m. and deleted around 6:33 p.m. The cause of the fire is not yet known. The police have taken over the investigation. (svw / red)

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