Offenbach: Corona incidence value drops | Rhine-Main

  • fromFabian Scheuermann


After the surge in new corona infections in Offenbach, there are still several new infections every day – but the 7-day incidence value is falling again.

The Offenbach Health Department yesterday announced four new cases of infection in the city – including two returning travelers and two people who were already in quarantine. However, the incidence rate fell on Wednesday from 39.4 to 31.1 new infections per 100,000 people in seven days. The reason: 15 cases from the previous week are no longer taken into account in the calculation.

Return return form

Returning travelers can submit their mandatory notification using an online form below submit – the city has to submit a separate form for each person traveling with it.

64 people are currently infected with the corona virus in the city, two people are being treated in the hospital, 458 are in quarantine. On Tuesday, the city crisis team reacted to the recent significant increase in the number of infections in Offenbach and resolved new restrictions – for example in old people’s homes, nursing homes and at sporting events. All rules apply for two weeks.

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