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Kurizo-kun fills up the cart space[Photo provided by Kurizo (@kurizo_chow)]

A plump body and round eyes like a cub. Chow Chows are popular for their adorable appearance, but they can weigh over 30 kilograms when they become adults. The dog we are introducing this time is also big and cute and weighs 33kg. With that plump body, when I got on the pet cart at the home center, there was no space to put the product in. It is a hot topic on Twitter. We asked the owner for more information.

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Come to the store in search of Spodori for dogs Relax during your stay of about 30 minutes

Chow Chow’s “Kurizo” is a 3-year-old boy. He now weighs 33kg, a fivefold increase in three years.I can see how it has grownhug photo oh, it’s too similarreunion shot with momhas become a big topic.

What attracted attention on Twitter this time was when he used a pet cart at a home center he visited for shopping. It’s a service that allows you to shop with your dog, but in the case of Kurizo-kun… the cart is full with just a 33kg plump body. According to the owner, he didn’t seem to be in a bad mood.

“On this day, I went to buy a sports drink for dogs. I stayed there for about 30 minutes. Kurizo was relaxed and put his chin on the edge of the cart. Only when I leaned forward and looked around (laughs).”

The sports drink for dogs you’re looking for is something you carry with you when you go out as a talisman against heat stroke. The cart was “fully packed” with only Kurizo-kun, but it seems that he packed it tightly into a small gap and took it to the cash register.

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The owner posted a photo on Twitter with the message, “The space in the cart is almost full, and the items you can buy are limited.” As a result, 41,000 “likes” were collected.

In the replies, there were voices of people who thought that Kurizo-kun was being purchased at the cash register, such as “I feel like I’m buying a stuffed animal” and “I thought it was a stuffed animal, but it’s a real dog”. Also, “I’m glued to the fluffy body”, “This cart is the largest size, isn’t it? It’s so tight…” “The presence is the best (laughs)” There were many voices that reacted to the plump body.

Kurizo-kun, who welcomed me at 2 months old. At that time, I weighed 6.5 kg. It is now 80 centimeters long and weighs 33 kilograms, so it is hard for the owner.

“It’s hard because I have to hold my dog ​​when I get on and off the cart, but I’m very happy to be able to shop with him. There are plenty of large-capacity treats for large dogs, so I sometimes go to the home center. I often choose places where I can go with the brewery.”

Kurizo-kun, who healed his fans again with his lovely plump body. In addition to Twitter, Instagram (for that_chow) and Youtube channel “Kurizo ChannelYou can see it at

○ Interview cooperation: Kurizo (@kurizo_chow)Mr. Miss

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