Obertshausen: “I’m sorry for the animals”: Undine Zimmer informs elementary school students about incorrectly disposed of garbage

Undine Zimmer (right) shows primary school students what to look out for when collecting rubbish.

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Crown corks, plastic lids, rubber rings, aluminum strips, candy wrappers: no feast that the primary school pupils fish out of the stomach of the little seal with the snow-white fur. Fortunately, it is only a cuddly toy that the first graders at the Joseph von Eichendorff School clear of rubbish. Unfortunately, the reality doesn’t look any better, Undine Zimmer informs her attentive audience in the classroom.

Obertshausen – Zimmer is the spokesperson for the “Simply bend over” initiative and taught three classes at the primary school on Waldstrasse about the dangers to people and animals that carelessly thrown waste can cause before the start of the holidays.

“I ran to school with my son Lenny, and we ran into broken pieces,” says the member of the Friends of Nature. “We thought that birds and squirrels could get injured, and we picked up the glass”. Since then, her family has been provided with garbage bags when she leaves the house.

This is how long some substances take to decompose

It was also the founding of today’s department at Naturefriends, she says. Around 280 people now regularly pick up what others thoughtlessly drop. They have images in their heads of hedgehogs stuck in a plastic cup and of sea lions having to hunt with the remains of a fishing net attached to their heads. “I’m sorry for the animals,” says Zimmer.

Apparently the six-year-old too. With big eyes they take pictures that they draw in the minds of their listeners. Undine Zimmer also brought everyday rubbish with her. A drinking package has been lying in the forest floor for 37 years and has not degraded at all. Glass takes 50,000 years to decompose in seawater – in the forest it doesn’t at all, the children learn. “And a lot of things are only used once,” the class guest points out.

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Schoolchildren go to collect rubbish

The children knowledgeably sort plastic bottles, paper packaging and porcelain in bags for the yellow sack, for the paper container and the residual waste. Incidentally, the used mask or the light-colored receipt belong in the hazardous waste. It is best to dispose of the cap, label and plastic bottle separately.

The next day, classes from Eichendorff, Wald and Hesse schools set out to collect rubbish with buckets and grabs in the middle of Obertshausen. (By Michael Prochnow)

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