Oberding: Johanna Jeschonek (16) takes part in the Vocation Music Award.

Her parents were in the final 16 years ago. Now Johanna Jeschonek is also trying. She is present with two songs at the Vocation Music Award.

Aufkirchen – “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is a much quoted saying. That seems to be the case with the Jeschonek family. 16 years ago Tine Jeschonek and her husband Markus were in the finals of a nationwide song contest in Cologne with their song “Kindlein zart”. Now daughter Johanna is taking part in the “Vocation Music Award” competition.

When her parents won the title “Bavarian Lullaby Stars”, she was just six months old. That stuck in the memory of Grandma Susanne Hoffmann, who sent her granddaughter a newspaper clipping about the Vocation Music Award in February.

Johanna’s task: Submit a self-written song that deals with the topic of “own calling”. The music should express what moves the songwriter in the heart. “Johanna was immediately enthusiastic and immediately thought about it,” says mother Tine Jeschonek. “At first it wasn’t so easy to find out what your calling is or could be,” admits 16-year-old Johanna, “but then I started writing and it became increasingly clear what my song was about. “

Mother Tine, who plays in a band herself, has already written several songs of her own. So they worked together on the text and melody and the result was the song “Look”, a mixture of rap and soulful chorus. With this composition mother and daughter want to draw attention to people in need. “We want to give them our voice so that they can be seen and heard,” explains the student at the Erdinger Korbinian-Aigner-Gymnasium, who lives in Aufkirchen. “We really want everyone to go through life more mindful of others,” she adds. “It would be so nice if Johanna could repeat our success from 16 years ago and make it to the final in Mannheim,” says her mother (43).

Meanwhile, Johanna, who takes singing lessons from Marcella Haubrich, is represented twice at the song contest: namely with the band 96/2. “Everyone there was excited to contribute their own song to the competition,” says Johanna. Everything was first clarified via zoom meetings. Peter Meisel sent a text that Andreas Riester and Eric Paul set to music – all from the Erdinger Moos Parish Association. This is how the song “Call me” came about.

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“It’s about the feeling of being desperate and of no longer knowing what to do and then being called and needed by God. You find your place in the world, so to speak, and God knows by your side, ”Johanna Jeschonek explains the message.

Both songs had to be submitted with a video, which for the young musician was “very beautiful, eventful, creative and funny”. For Johanna, singing is an elixir of life: “I can relax and forget my worries.” The young talented singer, who also plays the cello and piano, “definitely” wants to do something with music later on in her job. Now she’s just hoping to make it to the final.

You, dear readers, can support Johanna and vote for her until Wednesday. This can be done on www.vocation-music-award.com, once for “Sieh her” and once for “Call me”.

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