Oaban Name → LE Answer questions about a text

Oaban Name → LE Answer questions about a text
1 Read the text. Why is the Stone Age actually called Stone Age? In the Stone Age, people mostly made their tools out of stone. Hence the name Stone Age. The oldest stone tools are 2,5 Million years old. The most important tool of the Stone Age was the hand ax. He was 8 to 30 cm long. The round side lay comfortably in the hand and the pointed side served as a knife. In the Stone Age there were also other tools and weapons, for example throwing spears Mamr People used them to hunt mammoths, woolly rhinos and reindeer. When an animal was killed, it was completely used up. People roasted the reindeer meat over the fire and ate it. They sewed blankets and clothing from the animal skins and skins. Later, people learned to work with metals such as iron or bronze. That was the end of the Stone Age. Woolly rhinoceros
2 Tick ​​the correct answer. How old are the oldest stone tools?
2,5 year old
250 year old
2,5 Million years old


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