Nuyens wins against Van Aert: “Justice has been done” | cycling

3 years ago, Wout van Aert dropped Nick Nuyens’ team to sign a contract with Jumbo-Visma. Nuyens did not accept that Van Aert unilaterally terminated their contract and went to court. After a long procedural battle, the former winner of the Tour of Flanders is now right.

“I am especially relieved that justice has finally been done,” Nuyens told Sporza. “This is also important for cycling in general, because the judge has made it clear that a contract does mean something.”

Nuyens would have found it “unjust” if the judge had not ruled in his favor. “But you also have to follow the judge. It is clear that they have handled the case thoroughly. They have also extensively motivated their decision.”

Nuyens had demanded almost 1.5 million euros, but has to make do with half of that. “That is not a disappointment, because it was not for me to do that amount in the first place, but to make a fair decision.”

“The amount of that amount is mainly a result of the (then) wage (from Van Aert). It is a normal amount for the termination of a contract. If the roles had been reversed, it might have been the same.”

Nuyens still has to hold back, because the Van Aert camp is considering going to cassation. “That is indeed still an option, but I was also informed that they first have to decide whether that is actually allowed.”

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