Nudists were frightened by the deer while sunbathing. On the run, they got lost in the woods and then were fined

Australian police have been dealing with a case of nudists who got lost in the middle of the bush in Adam’s robe while running from an angry deer. Each of the two men had to pay a fine of one thousand Australian dollars (over 16 thousand crowns). They violated measures against the spread of coronavirus.

Police officers from the Australian state of New South Wales were sitting in a helicopter monitoring the southern part of Sydney when they spotted a pair of nudists from the air in the Royal National Park nature reserve. The naked men first sunbathed in peace, but then they were surprised by a local deer. The British newspaper The Guardian informed about it.

“The animal frightened them, so they fled to the depths of the national park. But they soon got lost in the woods. Not only did their reckless actions require police and rescue services, but they were also fined,” said Commissioner Mick Fuller. The men violated a public health regulation that barred Sydney residents from leaving the district of their permanent residence.

It is not clear why the deer ran out to them. What is certain, however, is that the police team took the search for naked people a lot. First, about 40 kilometers from downtown Sydney, they tracked down a 30-year-old man wearing only a backpack. It wasn’t until later that they found their forty-nine-year-old friend, who, according to police, was at least partially dressed.

Both tourists ended up at the police station in the city district of St George, where they had to pay one thousand Australian dollars (over 16 thousand crowns) for their offense.

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“As the health minister says, it’s hard to write laws that idiots abide by. A pair of men put other people at risk for no good reason. They had to be assisted by paramedics who could intervene in other operations instead. The rioters should ashamed, “Commissioner Fuller commented on the case at a recent press conference.

Soon after, the bizarre police intervention became the target of jokers on social networks. “Whoever never had to sunbathe naked and had to flee to the forest for a deer, where the police were looking for him, should he throw the first stone,” Adam Liaw wrote on Twitter, for example.

“It would be quite fun if the deer showed up at the press conference and frightened the prime minister, the health minister and the police commissioner, who would then flee to the forest,” Naaman Zhou joked in his tweet.

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