NRL 2020: season restart date, COVID-19, coronavirus protocols, home testing, what players should do


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The NRL and broadcasters locked on a return on May 28, but the length of the season is not yet finalized in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are the latest updates.

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The Warriors appear ready to train in isolation for two weeks at Tamworth after obtaining the federal government’s exemption to enter Australia this week.

ARL Commission President Peter V’landys confirmed to the PAA on Monday that Australian border forces had authorized the warriors to enter the country.

Now the league will meet with the New South Wales state government on Tuesday to obtain Warriors approval for self-quarantine in central New South Wales.

“This is the next step in the puzzle,” V’landys told AAP.

“Border security has given us an exemption for them to enter, and we couldn’t go to the state government until we got this approval.”

“We have now gone to the state government to get their training approved while they are in quarantine, as it poses no risk to the community.”

The NRL is confident that the exemption will be granted after five Warriors players were able to train alone at Kingscliff last month.

This group included Peta Hiku, Gerard Beale, Jazz Tevaga, Josh Curran and Agnatius Paasi.

The Wellington Phoenix also obtained special privileges to train in Sydney when it was locked out in mid-March before the A-League was also suspended.


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“There is a precedent when the Warriors were here the last time,” said V’landys.

“They were able to train for 14 days in the installation, the five players who came to replace the players who returned. There is no risk to the community. “

It was thought that the New Zealand club was planning to base its lockout at Lennox Head, on the north coast of NSW.

However, the governing body is now examining Tamworth, who registered his most recent new case of coronavirus on Sunday, bringing the total to 14.

V’landys was reluctant to discuss the reason for the base change. “We are watching Tamworth right now,” he said.

This development comes at a time when delicate discussions are continuing with broadcasters on the restructuring of competition and the amount of income that will be generated.

It is widely speculated that the NRL, The Nine Network and Fox Sports are planning to play between 17 and 20 rounds, including the two already completed.

V’landys insists that the Warriors and the rest of the league will be notified of their new pay before the team leaves Auckland on Sunday.

Teams were asked to begin preparations to meet again for training on Monday.

“Everything will be planned. We just hope that the state government will give us a favorable consideration (Tuesday) or (Wednesday), “said V’landys.

“We will get the other information the warriors needed so we can get it here on Sunday.

“(Tuesday), we are investigating the matter (with broadcasters) and we will communicate with them, not necessarily with them.”


The NRL has gone one step further to ensure that its restart on May 28 will see the 16 teams included after New Zealand warriors obtained an exemption from the federal government to travel to Australia, reports New.

Both Sydney Morning Herald and Channel 9 reported that the Warriors would be allowed to enter the country – possibly as early as Sunday – to participate in the competition after receiving a border security exemption.

“We appreciate the federal government for granting us an exemption to allow warriors to enter the country,” ARLC president Peter V’landys told SMH.

V’landys added that the league is now working with the New South Wales state government to get the Warriors permission to train alone.

If not granted, the Warriors would have had to stay in a hotel for 14 days, which could delay the restart of the competition by a fortnight.

Peter V’landys is trying to secure as much income as possible for the game in a shortened season.Source: The Daily Telegraph


The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Channel Nine agreed to pay only what was stipulated in the original broadcast contract, which was an NRL season that ended on October 4.

Nine only intend to fulfill their contractual obligations, which means that a 17-hitting season starting on May 28 has been agreed as the minimum season length between Peter V’landys and the broadcasters.

The possibility of extending the season to a 20-lap competition will depend on what the NRL is ready to sacrifice.

The NRL gets about $ 11 million from its broadcasters per round – $ 8 million from Fox Sports for eight games and $ 3 million from Nine for three games

Nine have sought to save as much money as possible from their agreement with the rugby league in 2020, which means that they are probably the broadcaster who does not want to pay more than the 17 round season.

If only nine don’t pay, the NRL will have about $ 9 million less if it plays three more rounds. That increases to $ 24 million if Fox Sports follows suit.

V'landys completes the restart

V’landys completes the restart



The Premier of Queensland, Annastacia Palaszczuk, is open to a high-level rugby league that returns to the state if the NRL can show that it will provide a safe workplace for players and the community.

Just weeks after being one of the harshest critics of the game’s efforts to resume at the end of next month, Palaszczuk confirmed that she had received the NRL’s security plan.

This has now been passed on to the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Jeannette Young, who will assess the sport’s candidacy.

At this point, Queensland clubs may be forced to travel to NSW camp for the scheduled resumption of competition on May 28 due to the border closure of Sunshine State.

However, Queensland was one of the first states to relax some of its key coronavirus restrictions, offering some hope to the more than 150 players and staff.

“Everyone wants to see the sport come back in one form or another,” Palaszczuk told ABC on Monday.

“It has to be safe for the players and the teams, and it has to be safe for the community.

“As long as these sports codes can tick this box, we have also received a submission from another sports code. And we are evaluating that too.”

The New South Wales government has previously stated that the NRL will be able to return on the basis of a safe workplace.

The league has sent clubs a draft safety guidelines document Sunday evening while including the possibility of moving players from their current home if this is considered a risk.

Players and staff are also prohibited from exercising in public outside of their club’s training base, having visitors and using public transportation.

Palaszczuk, meanwhile, hinted that the AFL was another major competition to submit a report as part of his hopes of returning to the field. On Friday, the national cabinet is expected to discuss returning sports executives at the elite, club and leisure levels.

These principles will be turned over to the state government to serve as guidelines for returning sport to its jurisdiction.

“I also look forward to this discussion. I think these national principles are key, ”said Palaszczuk.

What scares Alfie Langer?

What scares Alfie Langer?



NRL players and staff will be subject to environmental controls as well as a number of strict protocols defined in a comprehensive biosecurity document sent to clubs on Sunday evening.

The 48-page draft document outlines a list of health and safety measures that clubs must follow to resume training on May 4.

As the NRL charges for a reboot on May 28, clubs will be required to register a maximum of 50 players and staff to access training and matches – all of which will require environmental approvals.

An identified risk would imply that the player or staff member finds alternative accommodation.

Other guidelines include temperature controls, daily cleaning of equipment, one-time access to sites, and isolation of home players, except to go to training, play, visit a doctor, or shop essential food items.

Restrictions on training in public spaces outside the club environment are also proposed and a ban on the use of public transport, taxis and carpooling.

The NRL has already warned that any violation of health and safety measures will result in severe penalties, which would include loss of competition points and fines.

The LNR is also considering appointing an independent “spy” to ensure that teams adhere to protocols.

Although the details are still to be finalized, the NRL believes the new protocols will be stricter than government restrictions.

Clubs will now have five working days to organize equipment and staff to meet strict guidelines.

What scares Alfie Langer?

What scares Alfie Langer?


The RLPA and club leaders will meet Monday afternoon to advise on the guidelines prior to their approval.

At the same time, the LNR will work with the RLPA to determine whether the Australian government’s contact app on coronaviruses will be part of the game’s biosecurity framework sent to clubs.

The controversial application was launched on Sunday to allow Australians to download and determine if they have come into contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus. And while there are concerns about privacy and data storage, the LNR has supported its technology and is committed to supporting and promoting it.

“This application is a simple and brilliant idea that can help protect public health and eradicate the virus,” said ARL Commission President Peter V’landys.

“We absolutely believe in the importance of the community health message and are proud to work with the government to promote it widely.

“From the start of this pandemic, we have recognized the important role that our sport and the role models in our game can play in helping authorities get important messages out to the public so that we can defeat this virus.”

The application is based on Bluetooth technology and will follow contacts with other users located within 1.5 meters for more than 15 minutes.



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