Now having to be a widow, the figure of Intan RJ admits that he is still severely traumatized to the point of not being able to hear the sound of the ambulance siren

Sosok.ID – Grief still surrounds the soap opera actor and singer, Intan Rizky Jaenab aka Intan RJ since her husband died.

Wahyu Indra Utama, the husband of Intan RJ, reportedly died on March 14, 2020.

Even then the deep sorrow is still felt by the artist until he was traumatized and had admitted to being stressed.

Even Intan RJ admits that she is still afraid when she hears the sound of ambulance sirens everywhere.

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It made him have to visit a psychiatrist to deal with the grief he still felt.

Intan RJ said that now the sound of ambulance sirens reminded her of the moments when her husband fell ill and died.

“I’m still very traumatized, even when I wanted to go to my mother’s place there were too many ambulances, I threw my cellphone and covered my ears.

Then when I chat with my friends, it’s like I’m blank, I forget for a moment,” said Intan, quoted by from the channel YouTube MAIA ALELDUL TV, Saturday (17/7/2021).

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When driving alone, Intan uses airpods with a soundproof feature when an ambulance passes by to reduce her anxiety.

But if he is being driven, he will cover his ears.

“My husband came when he was sick, he was picked up using an ambulance. When he got home, he also used an ambulance, but he was not in good health but his body,” said Intan

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“It still leaves a lot of trauma. So I’m just annoyed with the sound of the ambulance to this day,” he continued.

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Unable to be sincere about the death of her husband, the 36-year-old singer is still sad every day.

“It’s almost (crazy), because my consultation with a psychologist didn’t work, so I finally went to a psychiatrist.

Because I feel there is something wrong with me, “said Intan.

“There is something out of sync between the brain and the heart. But I can’t find what it is,” he added.

She finally came to a conclusion from her husband’s departure.

“In conclusion I have to enjoy walking on the thorns, I enjoy the blood, until it heals, and the scars must be enjoyed.

In time, it must be lived and enjoyed,” said Intan.

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Intan clarified that the initial cause of Wahyu Indra Utama’s death was not a lung infection.

“Because of the actual brain infection. It was a lung infection not the beginning.

Initially a brain infection, decreased consciousness, then spread to a lung infection,” said Intan.

Her husband seemed to hide the disease from her.

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The singer of “The New Story” admitted that she only found out about her husband’s chronic illness when he fell and had convulsions.

“So on December 21, 2018, such a big person fell into a seizure, I thought he was joking.

It turned out that when I turned around, the seizure was like a never ending nightmare,” said Intan.

Before he breathed his last, Intan RJ’s husband was in a coma after being treated at the MMC Hospital in Jakarta for about a week.



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