Novosibirsk | An increased scholarship is provided for the first-year students of NSTU NETI

There is a special scholarship program for applicants to NSTU NETI. Already in the first semester of study, students can receive an increased scholarship for their achievements.

The advanced scholarship program covers several categories of freshmen.

First, an increased scholarship is awarded to holders of high USE scores: 255-275 points – 10,000 rubles a month; 276-300 points – 12,500 rubles per month.

Secondly, winners of the All-Russian Olympiads for schoolchildren presented in the official list can count on a good scholarship. It also takes into account high scores for the Unified State Exam: less than 255 points – 14,560 rubles per month; 255-275 points – 20,000 rubles per month; 276-300 points – 22,500 rubles per month.

Receiving an increased scholarship can be “extended” for the second semester of the 1st year, subject to passing at least 60% of exams with “excellent”, no academic debts and “satisfactory” marks.

In addition, NSTU NETI has increased scholarships for achievements in extracurricular activities: research; sports; public; creative; additional training.

To qualify for such a scholarship, you need to have only “good” and “excellent” grades for two semesters in a row, have no debts, and also achieve high results in any of the extracurricular activities presented.


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