Not Willing to Give Up Seeing China Becoming More Aggressive, These Countries Are Competing To Make Weapons, Indonesia Rely On ‘Black Eagle’


Sosok.ID – China’s increasingly aggressive attitude in the Asia Pacific is particularly related to South China Sea, making several countries compete to build weapons, including Indonesia.

The race to make sophisticated weapons is more unstoppable by the countries in this area.

Some of them don’t even seem to care about the agreements made regarding the manufacture of certain weapons.

They seem to realize that following the rules regarding weapons manufacturing is tantamount to letting China ‘act’ more freely in the Asia Pacific.

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Indonesia also does not want to be left behind, a project codenamed “black eagle” is at the forefront of this competition.

It is hoped that the Black Eagle will be able to become a mainstay when it comes to asymmetric weapons.

What is meant by “Black Eagle”, let’s look at the following review!

A study says countries in the Asia-Pacific are developing advanced rocket weapons such as drones and cruise missiles to offset China’s aggressiveness.

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