“Nostalgic Youth Concert 2021” by members of the Osaka Symphony Orchestra | Event Information | Cultural Center with Planetarium Subaru Hall

A number of famous songs filled with memories of youth.

Why don’t you look back on nostalgic jazz numbers and beautiful screen music with fun stories?

Let’s go by train A, dead leaves, moon river, smile, etc.

We will deliver a number of gems from classic songs to hidden masterpieces!

* Songs are subject to change. Please note.


Date and time:

October 31, 2021 (Sun)



Ticket release date:

August 25 (Wednesday) general release
Pre-orders for Subaru Tomo no Kai members are available on Wednesday, August 18th.

On the first day of sale, only telephone reservations (both general and members), up to 6 calls per call. (Up to 4 Tomo no Kai discounts)

* First day telephone reservation only (reception starts from 10:00)

* Please refrain from entering preschool children.

* Click here for reservations over the phone


General 2,000 yen Senior (65 years old and over) 1,600 yen (both on each day)
Subaru Tomo no Kai member General 1,800 yen Senior 1,400 yen

Ticket office
How to buy a ticket
Sales office Contact
Subaru Hall (for tickets only) 0721-26-2060
Lovely hall 0721-56-6100
SAYAKA Hall Ticket Counter 072-365-9590
LIC Habikino 072-950-5504
Cafe Congo (inside Tondabayashi City Hall) 0721-25-1000
Nishibata Musical Instrument Chiyoda Center 0721-53-2480
CN Play Guide



Lawson Ticket L Code Reservation (L Code: 51939) https://l-tike.com

* Business days, business hours, and ticket sales methods differ depending on the sales office. Please check at each window.

* At sales offices other than Subaru Hall, advance sales of Subaru Tomo no Kai and membership discounts will not be applied.
* If you have any questions other than the above, please contact the Subaru Hall General Reception (Ticket only: 0721-26-2060).

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