Northern European countries well positioned to emerge from the recession


In the ranking of countries that will quickly emerge from the economic slump, Finland, Norway and Germany are in the lead and France is 18e, according to a Swiss study.

Finland, Norway and Germany are the countries most likely to quickly emerge from the recession after the pandemic. The Covid Economic Recovery Index (Ceri), an index developed by international trade expert Horizon Group, analyzes “The management and economic recovery capacities of 122 countries after the Covid-19 crisis”, Explain time. “Finland is in first place in the world in terms of cushioning the crisis and capacity for economic recovery”, Switzerland is 4e, the United States are 7e and France is 18e.

To establish this classification, health and recovery policies as well as social indicators were analyzed. “Economic recovery is mainly reflected in the adaptability of the workforce, the country’s governance, food security, social capital, digital economies and the financial systems specific to each country”, details the Swiss daily.

Northern European countries “Enthroned at the top”. “At the neighbors, resumes Time, Germany is ahead of Switzerland by one place, so economic recovery should not pose major problems if we stick to the figures ”. The Italian economy obtains only the 40e place.

On the other hand, outside of Europe, “The future looks less rosy”. China is in 32e position, and, at the bottom of the ranking, we find “A majority of African and Latin American countries”. Mozambique and Chad, which are “The least able to resist such a wave”, are the last on this list.

However, the Ceri index did not accept the hypothesis of a pandemic that sets in over the long term …


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