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The relegation-threatened Bundesliga handball team HSG Nordhorn-Lingen disappointed on Thursday evening at HSG Wetzlar across the board and went down with 26:35 (9:20). The TSV Hannover-Burgdorf came to a 27:27 (13:12) against the Füchse Berlin.

by Christian Görtzen

Nordhorn-Lingen is five points behind on a non-relegation rank. After the presentation in Wetzlar, it seems very questionable whether the Lower Saxony can still catch up. On matchday 30 they were at least completely lost – on Sunday it’s almost everything in Ludwigshafen. TSV Hannover-Burgdorf had to be satisfied with one point after three wins in a row (against Wetzlar, Coburg and Lemgo) at home against Berlin. The “warriors” gave up the possible victory in the last minutes of the game.

Nordhorn-Lingen with a disastrous beginning

All fans of HSG Nordhorn-Lingen, who had hoped for a boost from the home win against the bottom of the league, Coburg, were bitterly disappointed. The North Germans offered a disastrous performance in the game in Wetzlar in the first quarter of an hour. Overall, the appearance in the first section was not suitable for the Bundesliga. Nordhorn was taken apart by weakened hosts who lacked a lot of regular staff in the backcourt – regardless of whether the relegation candidate tried a 3-2-1 or a defensive 6-0 cover. After 17 minutes it was 3:13, and so the game was de facto lost for the team from Grafschaft Bentheim. At the break it looked a little worse with a 9:20.

Coach Daniel Kubes’ team lacked the means for the great defiant reaction after the break. Wetzlar kept the clear lead without having to do anything extraordinary. After 43 minutes it was 17:29 from the point of view of the North Germans. The Hessians let it slip a bit in the final phase, so that Nordhorn could still make cosmetic results and in the end “only” lost with 26:35.

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TSV Hannover-Burgdorf lost a point

It was a turbulent evening for coach Carlos Ortega’s team, which had been covered a lot in the run-up to the game. According to information from the Spanish newspaper “Sport”, the 49-year-old Spaniard will succeed Xavi Pascual at FC Barcelona this summer. For the Barça coaching legend, despite a contract that runs until June 30, 2022 and 59 titles so far, this season will end. Ortega has been training TSV since 2017 and has twice reached a European Cup place with the club and led him to the Final Four of the DHB Cup three times.

In the home game against Berlin there was nothing to be seen that the rumors about Ortega had irritated the team. The “Recken” found the game very well, national player Fabian Böhm scored the 4: 1 (9th). However, the Füchse did not allow their opponent to be more than three goals ahead. Berlin became increasingly stronger, equalized at 8: 8 (20th) and took the lead with 12:10 (26th). How did Hanover react to this? Outstanding! Thanks to a 3-0 run, the Lower Saxony went into the break with a 13:12.

With his fourth goal, Böhm made it 16:13 (34th). A few seconds later, however, the game ended early for the backcourt player due to a red card (35th). The hosts did not let themselves be thrown off course by this. They continued to concentrate – and initially kept the lead. Almost three and a half minutes before the end, Martin Hanne made it 27:24. But Berlin came back again. With the “Recken” there was little going on. They conceded three more goals and had to be content with only one point.

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