Noir game “A Bone To | Niconico News” to become an old detective dog and solve unsolved mysteries

Game creatorToGetThroughTheWeekHe is developing an adventure game with an old detective dog as the main character.『A Bone To Pick』The project, entitledBecome a dog and investigate the caseUnique systemA world view with melancholy and melancholyHas attracted a lot of attention, and expectations for its completion are gathering among overseas game fans.

Update to my office environment for my game, currently titled ‘A Bone to Pick’. from unrealengine

The production scenery of “A Bone To Pick” is on the forum site “Reddit”“Unreal Engine” Official Community PageYou can see it inside.He became the prototype of this work in April 2021“A game of becoming a cat and running around the house”Post the demo video on the same page.About three months later, in JulyGerman shepherd bounces on a trampolineAnimated videos are released and newly releasedStarted developing a game featuring dogsI told you that.

Working on a Trampoline mechanic for my dog game from unrealengine

The main character of this work was born by the evolution of modeling at this time「Rex」Is. According to the author’s comment, Rex, a former police dog, was desperate after losing his partner’s police officer during his duties and was eventually dismissed.
After that, he opened an office in the kennel as a free detective, but it is unsolved.“Last case”Chasing“I will never work again”Breaking the vow and embarking on an investigation again.Realistic Medal of Honor for animals on the wall of the hut and office“Dickin Medal”Rex is also decorated withWas a very good police dogProbably the background is suggested.

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(Image from Instagram)
(Image from Instagram)

From the images posted on Instagram, you can see pictures of dogs that seem to be family membersLook melancholyYou can also check the appearance,Hard-boiled settingsThis work is packed generously.Besides the main unsolved cases“Mystery of the disappearance of toys”or“Looking for a missing dog”From small requests such as, sometimes“Investigation of death cases”It seems that such a big mountain also comes in.Puzzle elements using chains connected to the neck and “digging holes”Action unique to dogsI heard from the author’s post.

Working on physics chain for the first puzzle of my game from unrealengine

ToGetThroughTheWeek on the Reddit pageActively incorporate opinions on the workWe are showing our attitude, so if you are interested in this project, please leave a comment. In addition, on September 15th (Wednesday), he announced his intention to recruit development partners.Programming, animation and writingCooperation with those who have knowledge such asCalling in a post

“A Bone To Pick” is in the process of being produced at the time of writing this article. It is not clear when the platform will be supported or when it will be released.

Click here for the Reddit page of the author of “A Bone To Pick” Click here for the “A Bone To Pick” Instagram account


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