Nogizaka46 Erika Ikuta Graduation Concert | ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE

You can watch ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE on this device.

● Smartphones and tablets

iOS app

Android app

● PC

● Fire tablet

● Amazon Fire TV

● ChromeCast (It does not support chasing playback of this program)

●Apple TV


* For various apps, please check that the version is compatible with ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE.

* Cannot be purchased on TV devices and some tablets.

* Cannot be viewed on mobile browsers on smartphones / tablets.

* If there is “Pay-per-view” in “My list” of various devices, it is a device that you can watch. (Please check with the latest app version.)

* For “My List”, tap the “Three” mark at the bottom left of each device.

◆ How to link with a TV device

You cannot purchase ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE on each TV device, but you can watch it.

You can enjoy the account (ID) of the device purchased on your smartphone or PC on the big screen by linking it to the TV device ✨ By all means, let’s enjoy it on the big screen !!

Click here for details on how to link your account with your TV device.

Confirmation items for this delivery

* For this performance, you can watch online videos from your PC or smartphone. To watch the live, you need to purchase a ticket (viewing ticket) in advance.

* Cancellation / refund is not possible due to reasons other than postponement / cancellation of the performance after purchasing the ticket.

* “ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE” cannot be viewed on some devices.

* Make sure that the ABEMA app you are using is the latest version that supports “Pay Per View”.

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* Japanese is the only language used on the program details page and ABEMA service. note that.

* Please check the ABEMA Terms of Service, Pay-Per-View Terms of Service, and distribution information for each program before making a purchase.

* If you lose your account, we will not be able to restore it.

* Please confirm that the settlement fee varies depending on the platform you purchase.

* “ABEMA Premium” also requires purchase for each content.

* Cannot be purchased on TV devices and some tablets.

* We will make the best preparations for distribution, such as equipment and lines, but due to the characteristics of distribution, there is a possibility that accidental suspension or video distortion may occur. Please note that the ticket fee will not be refunded even in that case.

* This performance is a live broadcast for a fee. All rights are owned by the organizer. Screen recording, shooting, and recording with cameras, smartphones, etc. are all prohibited. In addition, if you reprint or share it on a video site without permission, you may be held liable.

* Commercial use of live streaming video is prohibited. This includes receiving fees from the audience at restaurants, halls, etc. and streaming live video.

* This distribution can also be viewed from overseas.

* The above outline is subject to change without notice.

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