Nobody goes to the cinema. Yet cinemas are among the safest places in the Covid era


No American films in the most viewed ranking. Neither now nor, probably, in the immediate future. The one exception to this scenario appears to be Murder on the Nile by and with Kenneth Branagh, a new transposition of the work with detective Poirot in the Pyramids of Egypt: it is the only blockbuster production that will arrive in Italian cinemas by the end of 2020. Although 2020 had started very well, the stop during the lockdown and the current nefarious data on the present and the future keep viewers away from the box office. As the agency highlights Ansa, yesterday was a potential good test, classic mid-October Saturday. The comparison with a similar Saturday of a year ago leaves no way out: -78% of admissions.

“It is a fact that brings us back to a sad reality, we must not be afraid to see it and recognize it – he comments to theAnsa the president of the Anec exhibitors, Mario Lorini – Venice and the interest aroused in young people made us hope, but now we are witnessing a profound and undoubted critical moment. The State is close to us, another 20 million over 40 have arrived at the exercise, but the American distribution, in the wake of what is happening in the United States itself, is completely secluded and the signals from spectators are not encouraging ».

There are certain incidental reasons. Many merchants are angry with the Disney which moved the highly anticipated animated film to Disney + Soul, which moreover will be released on Christmas day and has also postponed, again to send them on Disney +, Mulan, Dune, Batman, Jurassic World: Dominion. There were hot protests: “unacceptable” the decision was defined and the Rome Party was asked to take a position given that Soul the festival will open on October 15th.

To avoid, Lorini hopes, further restrictions on the capacity in the room, currently set at a maximum of 200 people indoors. “The halls are safe,” Lorini reiterates, who also remembers the Agis figure on the live show released today: Only 1 positive out of 350 thousand spectators. “We can appeal as much as we want but now it goes like this, we wait for every single gash, confident that the room with all its charge of sociality will return to being the center of cinema in better times”, adds Lorini.

The reluctance of the public to return to the cinema for fear of contagion cannot be countered as well as the cultural change underway that makes us prefer home screenings of films these days. Will Italian and European cinema save the business? There remains a hope. «In these hours, some Italian distributions are thinking about whether to anticipate some titles, as happened for Return to crime by Max Bruno (October 29), You only live once of Verdone (November 26) but also for the new Woody Allen Rifkin’s Festival (November 5), The Extraordinary Life of David Copperfield (October 16) ».

Of course, the absence of American films weighs heavily. The Disney line has not fielded anything, the minor titles are few at least until Christmas. With the risk that overcrowding will lead some Italian titles to be brought forward to November, in the free spaces. And it is not a good omen that “The Days of the Cinema of Sorrento”, with the anticipation of the price lists of the new year, are likely to skip.

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