No one controls the new carers: families forced to “private” tampons


The fresh case of positivity in Ferrara increases fears of contagion. Agencies: there are no quarantine facilities

FERRARA. They have scarce and unreliable information on the situation of the contagion, in their country and also in Italy, and once they arrive here to work in the homes of the elderly they should put themselves in a 15-day voluntary quarantine, no one knows where since their home does not have have and Covid hotels are reserved for other users; and they should reassure families and agencies with a negative swipe made and paid no one knows by whom. The precarious situation of foreign carers arriving in droves in the Ferrara area to replace colleagues on vacation or fearful of returning after the lockdown, emerged with the case of the Ukrainian woman who arrived on Friday and found positive after a high fever access to the Emergency Department of Cona. The growing fears of families who also need them absolutely, and usually quickly, brokerage agencies and associations respond with do-it-yourself solutions, however invoking the help of the Local Health Authority and the Municipality.

«No small problem»

The news of the positive caregiver (and of the three traveling companions in coach in solitary confinement) made a tour of the rooms connected to the flow of family assistants from Eastern Europe in a flash. «It is no small matter, the arrivals of carers from quarantined countries (Bulgaria and Romania as well as all non-EU countries) are multiplying in this period but there is no way to obtain guarantees from the health point of view» he worries Roberto Marchetti, historical representative of Nadiya, the first association to deal with the reception of these women. Those who travel by car or coach escape any control, and all that remains is to rely on their sense of responsibility: “It is also a problem of poor awareness, in those countries it is not so easy to obtain secure information on these issues – it is always Marchetti to talk – We try to intercept as much as possible on market days, when they arrive in the city from Copparo or Bondeno and come to us to eat with their friends: we give some information, we try their fever. The fact is that even if they wanted to respect the quarantine on arrival they would have nowhere to do it: one or more apartments could be set up in agreement with the Asp and the Municipality, but there have been no contacts in these months ».

“private” tampons

It is a fact that families begin to insistently ask for health guarantees to the caregivers’ agencies, which have little room for intervention: “In the interviews for the references we always ask those who propose whether they have not worked for a while , and if so, if it comes directly from abroad, but obviously you have to trust the answer – Laura Tosi, of the Adiura agency, spreads her arms – I begin to have cases of families who, in order not to take risks, pay the swab to the new caregiver: I’m waiting for an outcome from a private laboratory to sign a contract earlier in the week ». In general, Adiura is making fewer replacements than in previous years, favoring the reuse of carers from families who no longer need them.

and in veneto …

Gallas group works in Ferrara but also in the rest of Emilia, in Veneto, Friuli and part of Lombardy, therefore it has a broad vision of the problem of controls for carers, “of course it is the theme of the moment” admits Alberto Gallas. A step forward is the protocol activated by the Veneto Region, “have made available to the principals to carry out the free buffer to this category of workers – explains the owner of the agency – Send an email and they think of everything, I know for sure that this service was activated in Padua, Treviso and Vicenza. The carers are well available to be followed ». Beyond the fact that there are few arrivals from Romania, in this period, Gallas has already been signing a self-certification for about ten days before taking up family service «to guarantee that the person is in Italy for at least twenty days. Of course, this is a self-declaration – it is always the owner who speaks – and the problem remains of the absence of quarantine facilities ». –

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