NO DEGREES! Joint call for a global climate strike on September 25, 2020


NO DEGREES! For Future Alliance and Climate Movement call for participation in the global climate strike on September 25, 2020

#KeinGradWeiter – under this title more than 20 for Future groups and other climate initiatives join Fridays for Future’s call for a global climate strike on September 25, 2020. Because while the COVID19 pandemic has dominated the debate in recent months, the climate crisis is noticeably worsening. Developments in recent months show that political awareness of the climate crisis is still far from sufficient. Climate policy in Germany does not meet the scientifically necessary requirements, neither in terms of ambitions nor in terms of implementation, in order to comply with the goals of the Paris Agreement under international law. The economic stimulus packages decided in the pandemic are also not geared towards a sustainable and climate-neutral economy.

We can see this in the following examples:
• “The coal phase-out law” passed at the beginning of July gives the coal industry a “Keep it up!” Until 2038 and flushes billions into the corporations. With the law, the coal phase-out is not only years too late, it also continues to destroy intact villages on the edge of the mine The trick of assigning the Garzweiler opencast mine an “energy economic necessity” without any scientific justification makes it virtually impossible for Germany to achieve the Paris climate protection target Future Germany, who have lodged an official complaint against the coal exit law with the EU Commission.

• “A federal government that – according to Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier – acted” too late “in recent years and has” enormous catching up to do “on the way to CO2 neutrality must now raise its own ambition level for climate protection policy climate policy imperative, but also a growing number of companies are demanding this in terms of economic policy. Even a high CO2 price alone is not enough. Our economy must be put on a new basis as quickly as possible with a supply of 100% renewable energies. This is all the more incomprehensible it is that the expansion of wind power, solar energy and other forms of renewable energies still takes place with the handbrake on, “said David Wortmann for Entrepreneurs for Future.

• “While the EU is deciding on a” European Green Deal “with the aim of making Europe climate-neutral by 2050, according to calculations by Deutsche Umwelthilfe, climate protection in Europe is completely inadequate in the 1.8 billion EU budget and the EU Corona reconstruction fund represented. ” says Tino Pfaff from Extinction Rebellion.

• While Lufthansa, as one of the largest CO2 emitters, received almost 10 billion euros in support, only 700 million euros are being used to save the German forests, which have been severely affected by climate change. And that although the local forests are the largest CO2 storage. “Climate change not only threatens the forest habitat and thus its entire biodiversity, but also its functions, such as recreational, climate protection, soil protection and utility functions.” (

At the same time, when the first tipping points are reached, climate change is taking on catastrophic traits. The Amazon rainforest is burning more than ever and will soon no longer be able to perform its global climate-regulating function, in Siberia the average temperature is rising continuously – in 2020 even with maximum temperatures of 38 ° C – and causing the permafrost to thaw, the Arctic ice is melting faster and faster will be completely gone in summer in less than 25 years.
In sport, too, the voices for more climate protection are getting louder and louder: “As athletes, we know that a healthy body and an intact environment are essential for performance. Our global playing field is the earth on which we are overexploiting and thus deprive it of its performance. In this way, we ensure that we are actually actively threatening the values ​​we want to preserve – peace, freedom and prosperity. This has long since reached the middle of society. This is what sport stands for, ”says Stefan Wagner from Sports for Future.
“The climate crisis is now unfolding before our eyes – that’s why we say #KeinGradWeiter and call on everyone to join us,” said the groups who signed the call for Climate Action Day on September 25, 2020. “Take to the streets with Fridays for Future and let’s show that even in times of the pandemic, the climate crisis continues to worsen dramatically. Politicians must act! Now!”

You can find all demos from Fridays for Future here:
Alliance website of the for Future groups:

Climate strike in times of COVID19:
We take health seriously and demonstrate at a distance and with everyday masks. You can find more information in this corona notice.

Signing groups (sorted alphabetically):
All the villages remain
Animal Rebellion Germany
Artists for future
Christians For Future Germany
Churches for Future
Church for Future
Creatives for Future
The Alliance for Climate Positive Behavior eV
Employees for Future
Engineers for Future
Entrepreneurs for Future
Extinction Rebellion Deutschland
Families for Future
Farmers for Future
Filmmakers for Future
Grandparents for Future
Climate Academy Berlin
Lawyers for Future
Libraries for Future
Omas for Future
Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future
Parents for Future Germany
Sports for Future
Teachers for Future Germany
Together for Future
Vegans for Future
Burned home

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Animal Rebellion Germany: Melanie Mai, , +49 (0) 157 50 838 739
The Alliance for Climate Positive Behavior eV:
Christians for Future:
Creatives for Future:
Extinction Rebellion: , Tino Pfaff 01778011774
Families for Future: Dr. Katrin Valentin,
Farmers for Future: Susanne Kiebler, , 0160-94955586
Grandparents for Future Deutschland: Pascal Engel,
Libraries for Future:
Entrepreneurs for Future: David Wortmann ([email protected]), Dr. Katharina Reuter ([email protected]), 0178-4481991
Omas for Future: Maxie Wolf, +49 157 34739612,
Psychologists/Psychotherapists for Future: Katharina van Bronswijk, 0176/32569479,
Sports for Future e.V., Stefan Wagner, 0170-556 86 36,
Teachers for Future Germany: Danielle Schulte am Hülse 0170-3230640
Together for Future: Holger Michel | (0178) 662 3679 |
Vegans for Future: Tim Werner,

Parents for Future: Monika Rössner, 089/1 678901,
Methweg 4a / 50823 Cologne

#KeinGradWeiter – under this title more than 20 for Future groups and other climate initiatives join Fridays for Future’s call for a global climate strike on September 25, 2020.

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