No. 1 mist for calming recovery with different water

Aquabiome with dermatology, Avene au Thermal
n Development of active ingredients based on ‘Aqua Biome’ that helps sensitive skin
n Rebalance healthy skin with the unique aquabiome and ideal mineral balance of Avene hot spring water

Europe’s No.1* dermo cosmetic brand, ‘Eau Thermal Avène (hereafter Avène)’, proposes the No. 1 mist* for soothing and restoring healthy skin with Avene thermal water Aqua Biome.

Avene ‘Eau Thermal’ is a product that has an ideal balance of minerals and Avene’s unique ‘Aqua Biome’, which has a soothing and stimulating effect on the skin. hot spring water mist

In particular, Avene developed innovative active ingredients that help sensitive skin based on the unique ‘aquabiome’ found in hot springs through continuous research with microbiome experts. Through Eau Thermal Aquabiome, you can experience skin soothing and irritation relief, and healthy skin balance rebalancing.

In addition, the calcium to magnesium ratio of 2:1 helps to strengthen the skin barrier, and contains abundant silica to protect the skin. Through continuous medical efficacy research, it has been published** in 150 experimental results and 50 dermatology journal papers, confirming the efficacy of healthy skin change.

Avene Marketing Manager said, “Avenne Eau Thermal is a long-selling product that has been loved by consumers for a long time. I hope you will experience a change in balancing.”

On the other hand, Avene is releasing a limited package made in collaboration with illustrator ‘Garsonthymid’. The new design with a cute character in the shape of ‘Aqua Biome’ has increased the collectible value, and a promotion will be held to present an Aqua Biome character grip talk when purchasing the Eau Thermal 300ml 1+1 special set Aquabiome character collaboration limited special set can be found at Olive Young stores and Olive Young online malls.

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