Nintendo ships 5.2 million copies of Super Mario 3D All Stars – Gaming – News


Yes 30 indd. But I don’t think Skyrim has secretly sold 39 million units and Bethesda just forgot to mention that In principle it is possible. But we still get these kinds of updates from GTA5, because that game just keeps selling like crazy.

The bundles have indeed been there, but I think they were quite expensive. Especially with Switch, because that’s why I left them. It is not that the game was ‘free’. With the Wii you got Wii Sports at the time, whether you wanted it or not. I think there was no choice but correct me if Im wrong. Bit like now with the PS5 with Astro’s Playroom. Anyway, perhaps nuance is in place indeed. Both WiiU and Switch had a number of different bundles.

But again, does not detract from Skyrim. I especially like a game like Mario Kart, which is rarely about. Personally, I would find it cooler (and many times smarter) if they release an ongoing Mario Kart platform, for which you get new content every quarter. Which is a good reason to keep coming back.

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