Nina Divíšková († 84): Her daughter fulfilled her last wish

The farewell to the popular actress took place in the church of All Saints in Sliven, and in addition to family and friends, many fellow actors came to say goodbye. At the stroke of yesterday at ten o’clock, the church door opened and the grieving director delivered a speech that touched each of the mourning guests. At the end, the song Ave Maria was heard from Adelka’s mouth, and Nina’s soul could soar calmly soar into the sky.

Funeral of Nina Divíšková († 84)

Last wish

Jan and Nina have been together for almost an incredible seventy years. “It simply came to our notice then. That’s how he would like to catch up at the last minute, “Kačer began last sentences to his wife. “You always had the main word with us and behind my back you agreed that Adelka must sing for you. But she’s very ashamed to sing like that in church, but you ordered it and it’s your last wish, here on earth and all the other wishes up there we’ll talk together, “the director continued in a loving speech, and then she fulfilled Adéla’s great wish. .

The crushed and brave widower Jan Kačer over the coffin of his beloved Nina:


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