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Animals and customers will smile

To Japan’s No. 1 Animal Entertainment Facility

I think that everyone is really suffering and having a hard time with this corona.

We, the Nikko Saru Gundan, couldn’t bring smiles to everyone, and we were disappointed with the fact that we were able to attract customers and earn minus 70%.

The new coronavirus infection is not over yet, and there are times when we are worried, but we, the Nikko Saru Army, cannot collapse.

The Nikko Saru Gundan will be renewed with the aim of becoming Japan’s number one animal entertainment facility. Instead of waiting for the end of the corona, we will overcome this predicament with new challenges.

Now, all the staff have discussed many times whether renewing the facility will lead to happiness for the monkeys and customers. The last thing that pushed us back was the cheering voice of our customers.

What we can do is deliver entertainment through living things. To convey the warmth and preciousness of life through contact. And have them smile.

Through this crowdfunding, we will improve the breeding environment for monkeys and establish new facilities for monkeys that customers can enjoy more and facilities for interacting with animals.

We look forward to your warm support and support for the new challenges of the Nikko Saru Gundan.

Greetings and thanks for the previous project

Thank you for visiting the page, my name is Taro Murasaki, the representative of the Nikko Saru Army Corps.

Nikko Saru Gundan performs arts and shows“look”Enjoy, together at various attractions“play”, With a baby monkey“Contact”This is a theme park where you can feel the wonderfulness and cuteness of monkeys.

Originally, it was realized by the skill of a professional trainer in this field where it was difficult to interact with each other at close range.MonkeyContact with and participatory attractions, etc.MonkeyWe aim to be a facility where you can deepen your experience and knowledge about.Also in the facilityMonkeyConsidering the living space and playground for our lives, not only for our customers but also for the hospitality sideMonkeyWe are working hard every day to make it the best paradise for us.

With the aim of continuing and inheriting traditional Japanese performing arts, we have trained entertainers and monkeys to belong to, held events according to each season such as large-scale global events, and performed in various media.Currently, there are about 30 entertainers and staff, and about 80 monkeys and protected monkeys.

Many people supported us in the crowdfunding “Corona Emergency Assistance: Protecting Monkeys and Entertainers and Continuing the Nikko Saru Army Corps” from May 18th to June 30th, 2020.

Along with a lot of support, the heartwarming message to the monkeys and the words of support to the staff made me feel that I could not stop the monkey show, which is a traditional performing art. .. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you very much.

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, all events were canceled due to the forced refraining from activities such as the sales of the Nikko Saru Gundan and the street performance performances that are being performed in various parts of Japan. The amount of damage for two months is 50 million yen. It was crowdfunding under the severe situation of the monkey’s food expenses and facility maintenance expenses.

Most of the support we receivedMonkeyI used it for food expenses, breeding management expenses, medical expenses, etc. In addition, we replaced the air conditioner in the monkey house where the monkeys live with a new one so that they can live more comfortably, and added playsets that the monkeys in Saruyama can play.

* For details, please read the end report of the previous crowdfunding page.

It was an urgent task to receive warm support even after achieving the goal.MonkeyI was also able to create a hut where I live.Since he continued to protect the corona, he is now bred by the Saru Army Corps.SalsaThere are over 80 heads. Although the number of breeding sheds and land of this facility are limited,MonkeyI would like to make efforts to improve the breeding environment so that I can spend more comfortably.

The Nikko Saru Gundan Theater was reopened, and appearances in street performances all over the country were gradually reopened. All the staff will do their best to bring smiles to everyone and give back! Thank you very much for your warm support.

What can be achieved with your support this time

We were greatly helped by everyone in the last crowdfunding, but the effects of the spread of the new coronavirus infection over a long period of time have caused us more damage than we imagined. Between April 2020 and March 2021, there were 168 business days with reduced performances, and about half of the year was restricted.

In addition, the number of days the facility itself was closed was 125 days, mainly after April 2020 and January 2021 when the state of emergency was announced. These effects are great,Compared to the same period before the Corona disaster, the number of customers and income decreased by 70% or more.The survival of the business is in jeopardy.

Currently, the state of emergency has been lifted, but it cannot be said that the corona’s violence will end in the future, and it is uncertain when the situation will be similar again.

However, we, the Nikko Saru Gundan, cannot fall down.

A traditional performing art monkey show with a history of 1000 years. In fact, history has disappeared in the 30’s of the Showa era. About 40 years ago, I, Taro Murasaki, who was 17 years old at the time, revived the monkey show as the first modern monkey show. In order to keep the history connected again Instead of waiting for the end of Corona, we decided to overcome this predicament with new challenges.

In the summer of 2022, Nikko Saru Gundan will undergo a major renewal to an unprecedented theme park!

“Getting in touch with monkeys and playing with monkeys”, which we did not do when we were doing activities centered on street performance in the past, is irreplaceable and new for our customers. I found it to be an experience. Such,We want to be a facility that can provide more new experiences that cannot be experienced anywhere else.I’ve been thinking for a long time.

In recent years, we were planning to renovate to the ideal facility, but it was Corona that we faced.

As mentioned earlier, the corona recession has been longer than we thought it would be, and this year’s business continues to be difficult, following last year.

All the staff members discussed many times whether it would be okay to move toward the renewal of the facility. Meanwhile,It was the customers who pushed our backswas.

Come to the Nikko Saru Army and say, “MonkeyIt was fun to interact with them. “MonkeyI was helped by seeing her doing her best, “and decided that she should do it now because of this situation.

What we can do isDelivering entertainment through living thingsmatter. and,Communicating the warmth and preciousness of life through contactmatter.You came to the Saru army corpsTo make everyone smileI think it is.

So, I’m very sorry, but I decided to carry out the second crowdfunding.We would like to ask you to support half of the capital investment costs of the facilities that will be the centerpiece of this renewal.

Monkey’s new facility

As the first major renewal, after allMonkeyIt will be a new facility of.

Until now, he was active as an art monkeyMonkeyHad spent time in a breeding facility behind the theater.Even at the current facilityMonkeyIt’s not that there is a problem in breeding, but I was active on the front stage every day.MonkeyMany of them love to be in front of customers, and spending time in the backyard should not be stressful, so we take a walk in the customer’s area, though not every day. increase.

Therefore, we are not satisfied with the current facility.Contributed as an art monkeyMonkeyI want you to spend the rest of your life in a better breeding environment!I always had the feeling, so this time I rented the land next to the Nikko Saru Gundan Theater as a new area.NewMonkeyNew breeding facilityI’m thinking of trying.

RetiredMonkeyI also want to see the life after that!Not just the art monkeyMonkeyI want to see them too! Many people say that. Therefore, the new facilityWith customersMonkeyFacilities where you can meet directlyI will!

① New monkey house + new playground

The new breeding facility will secure the number of rooms and will have a playground directly connected to the monkey house.MonkeyIt will be easier to support your health.Also more than everMonkeyWill also be accepted into the facility.

② New establishment of “New Baby House”

The current baby house is a facility where 0-year-old monkeys and customers can freely interact with each other.

As a one-year-old child becomes stronger to some extent, it is not possible for customers to come in and interact with each other in consideration of safety. I used to goLivestream on YouTubeIn addition toA facility where you can drink tea slowly while watching the baby monkey from the outsideI want to make.

③ New establishment of “Curious Zipline”

The world’s firstMonkeyYou can leave a picture of sliding the zip line withMake a facility. We will make the facility with an emphasis on safety so that many people, both children and adults, can enjoy it. We hope that you will enjoy the curious experience that will be a lifelong memory that you cannot experience anywhere else.

①New Saruja + Sports Ground
7 million yen ⇒ Steel frame construction cost 5.5 million yen, soil concrete construction cost 1.5 million yen
② New baby house
2 million yen ⇒ Exterior cost 1 million yen, Interior cost 500,000 yen, 4K live distribution camera x 2 units 500,000 yen
③ Curious and zip line
3 million yen ⇒ Equipment construction cost 2 million yen, shooting equipment set 500,000 yen, equipment 500,000 yen

Animal contact facility

The second isMonkeyIt will be a facility for interacting with various animals.

We will make it a facility where you can experience various things such as penguins, capybaras, horses, dogs, guinea pigs, goats, etc. In addition to feeding various animals, we are also thinking about walking dogs and riding horses!A lot of customers can enjoyHealing experience with extraordinary feeling and cuteness of animalsYou will fully enjoy it.

of course,MonkeyI’m thinking about collaboration with various animals!

10 million yen ⇒ Penguin zone and breeding facility 3.5 million yen, Capybara zone and breeding facility 2.5 million yen, Horse zone and breeding facility 2 million yen, Dog zone and breeding facility 1 million yen, Small animal zone and breeding facility 1 million yen

< 1st GOAL >

Target amount: 11 million yen

How to use the funds:

① New monkey house: 3.5 million yen (total equipment amount 7 million yen)

② New baby live distribution house: 1 million yen (total equipment amount 2 million yen)

⇒Create a house that can continue to live stream 4 to 5 1-year-old monkeys

* Make it possible to see through the glass from the cafe area.

③ Curious zip line: 1.5 million yen (total equipment amount 3 million yen)

⇒One of the facilities of Animal Adventure

④ Animal contact equipment cost: 5 million yen (total 10 million yen)


<2nd GOAL>

Target amount: 15 million yen

Use of funds: Renovation of existing monkey houses, monkey mountains, and theaters

* The project will be completed when the facility operating costs are covered by July 23, 2022 with the support of the first goal.

* In this project, even if the total amount of support does not reach the target amount by the due date, the project will be executed by supplementing it with own funds.

Messages from monkeys and entertainers

Lucky lotus

The Nikko Saru Army Corps has overcome many difficulties with the support and support of everyone since moving to Nikko, and has been enjoyed by many people. We are enjoying it as an entertainment facility for monkey shows, but we are aiming for a major renewal so that more people will come and enjoy it more than ever.

One in Japan. One entertainment facility in the world “Curious Land”

Not only monkey shows, but also contact with animals such as penguins and capybaras, athletic areas such as zip lines, experience corners, substantial shops and food areas, etc.

We hope that many people will understand and support us in order to realize “Curious Land” where you can spend a day when you go out to play. Thank you for your cooperation.

Yuria and Riku

What I usually feel when doing monkey shows is that there are still many people who have never actually seen a monkey show and do not know monkey shows.

It was fun for the customers who watched it! I always get happy words. Our mission is to let everyone know the wonderfulness of monkeys, and at the same time, to pass on this traditional Japanese performing art, the monkey show, to future generations. To that end, we need to make efforts to evolve as a place where customers can choose our “Curious Land”. Until now, we have tried many new things and created works that everyone can enjoy.

With this business expansion, new friends other than monkeys will be added to Curious Land. I would like people who have not been interested in monkeys to come to the park and get to know the charm of monkeys as a result of their visit. In addition, there are currently protected monkeys and retired monkeys living in the backyard of Curious Land. We built a new room in the park so that customers can see the lives of the monkeys, and let everyone know the fact that many monkeys lose their lives every year due to the extermination of vermin. I hope it will be an opportunity for you to become interested in animals.

We appreciate your warm support for the future happiness of monkeys all over Japan.

Jr.2 (Junior Junior)

My name is Jr.2 (junior junior) and I have 11 years of experience. My companion junior retired from street performance work at the end of last year. It is an irreplaceable partner who has traveled all over Japan for 10 years and brought smiles to many people.

Actually, the monkey that the junior is planning to get married has been decided for several years. However, I didn’t have enough room to live with two people, and I’ve always had itchy feelings.

With the support of everyone this time, I am wondering if the juniors will have a chance to get married and be happy with their new family. I would like the juniors who have been running for 10 years to live a happy life in a better environment with their important partner, his wife, for the second life.

Can you help us by all means?


It’s Tomoki no Tomoki. Rather than wanting help with this crowdfunding, I have a strong desire to cooperate with the army corps that is more sunshine and the monkey show industry as a whole to improve.

I think that a new environment is indispensable for creating new arts with myself. In addition, the Nikko Saru Army is focusing on various fields such as the protection of wild monkeys and the restoration and development of monkey art. Each time, I realized that I was supported by the power of all the fans.

I would like to ask all of you for your support for the future of Riki, the future of the Saru Army, and the future of the monkey show industry. Thank you.

We will carry out this project and renew the Curious Land Nikko Saru Army Corps.MonkeyIt will be reborn as a theme park with various animals, and we would like to bring laughter and emotion to many customers.

We aim to create a facility where all visitors can experience experiences that they have never experienced before.And above allMonkeyIn order to start breeding various animals, it is necessary for all the staff, including trainers and breeders, to work as professionals.

All the staff will continue to express their gratitude more than ever so that everyone can truly enjoy the reborn Nikko Saru Gundan.

We look forward to your warm support.


* Please note that the application for this project will be confirmed at the time of support, regardless of whether the target amount has been achieved, and cannot be canceled thereafter.

* The message received as a “support comment” when the support is completed may be used for PR of this project. Please be aware in advance.

* When you support by bank transfer, we will ask for the refund destination account information, but in principle we will not refund because it is all-in. However, in the unlikely event that the project promised on the page cannot be carried out, or if the transfer amount exceeds or is insufficient and the additional transfer cannot be made, the refund destination account will be used. Sorry to trouble you, but please enter it.

* For details on the return conditions for[Name posting]among the returns of this project, please refer to “● Naming rights, posting of messages and other similar returns” in the “Support contract” on this page.


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