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Famous Gallery | Wu Hufan, JiangsuSuzhou Human, calligraphy and painting signed by Hufan. The landscape is unique with its elegant, elegant, beautiful and elegant composite painting style.

Now more and more people like to order takeaway. You can eat all kinds of delicacies without leaving home. Barbecue, fried chicken, spicy soup, seafood, and even hot pot can be achieved by ordering takeaway.

Three meals a day, sometimes in the early morning, you can also eat delicious “late night cafeteria”, which makes many people feel convenient, and takeaway has become a necessity for young people. The more food you eat, the farther you are from the goal of loving life.

The best way to love life is to cook by yourself. In fact, cooking is the best way to relieve stress. After a busy day, I cook a dish at home in the evening and taste it with my family. I am happy to think about it.

After a busy week, prepare a table of sumptuous and delicious dishes on the weekend and share them with friends and family. Even if you shabu hot pot at home, it is also unique.

Cooking is a part of life. The most important thing is that if you want to eat good food, you can get it by yourself. Although it takes some thought and effort, the joy of getting it and the delicious taste in your mouth cannot be replaced by takeaway.

In addition to enjoying the feeling of cooking, the atmosphere of eating with the family is also very warm.

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Some people think that the disharmony between husband and wife and family relationships can be learned by looking at the frequency of meals at home.

After one party goes home, he prepares a table of delicious meals and waits for the other party to go home and taste it together. Talking about the worries of the day at the dinner table, the unhappy things disappear instantly.

It’s not surprising that boys and girls can’t cook, but if you have family and friends who can cook, you’re definitely happy.

Famous Gallery | Wu Hufan

Raising plants and animals

Growing plants can see the process of life growth, which is very similar to the process of human growth.

Start with buying a pot of flowers or plants or planting seeds, water them carefully, nurture them patiently, slowly take root and sprout, grow seedlings, and then grow sturdily, with luxuriant branches and green leaves, which are pleasing to the eye. .

Raising flowers and plants requires long-term patience and perseverance. If you don’t take care of them, the flowers and plants will soon die or grow poorly. In addition, looking at the flowers and plants so beautifully taken care of by myself, I will feel more comfortable, and I will become more and more enthusiastic about life.

The same goes for animals. Animals are more like beings. Having an animal with oneself is similar to having a person with oneself. Some animals are very smart and have high IQs.

Small animals are human, they have good feelings, and they are more dependent on their masters. In particular, if humans are good to them, they will also be good to humans, loyal and responsible. The process of raising animals is also a great way to cultivate patience and love.

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If you take good care of the small animals, you can live with you, so that you are no longer alone in your life, with the support and companionship, and gradually love life.

Raising animals and plants can cultivate a person’s love and sense of responsibility. If you are not sure about it, if you don’t like animals, and if you are allergic to animal hair, it is recommended to start with plants first. Don’t raise animals for three minutes with enthusiasm. Abandon the animals when they are irritable.

Growing plants is also very simple. Start with a pot of green plants on the desk or on the balcony of your home. Even if it is a cactus or a pot of green dill, this is a manifestation of the gradual love for life.

Famous Gallery | Wu Hufan

Keep reading

Reading is not just a way of reading, but also e-reading. For example, reading e-books and WeChat articles are all ways of reading.

Reading for ten minutes or half an hour in the afternoon or before going to bed will not only increase knowledge, enrich the connotation, and cultivate sentiment, but the values ​​in the book will also affect us, making us love life and love life more.

Exercise and reading go hand in hand. After a day of study and work, dragging the tired body back home, exercise is one of the best ways to relieve fatigue.

A large amount of dopamine and adrenaline are secreted in the body after sweating, which can make people feel excited and drive away fatigue. Develop the habit of exercising to keep people healthy. Having a good body is the best manifestation of loving life.

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Keep exercising 3 times a week for about 40 minutes each time, and you will find that you are changing. After you develop a habit, exercise and a good body will always be with you.

Isn’t this the ultimate goal of loving life without the trouble of disease and being relaxed?

Light up” look in“The fireworks in the dust touches the hearts of mortals the most. I hope you live your life in a warm way and love every moment of life that cannot be copied.

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