Nicole Kidman returns to Australia due to her mother’s health and fitness

The “Becoming Ricardos” star instructed NPR’s Terry Gross in the course of a conversation about the “Fresh new Air” system that she was back in her hometown due to the latest health and fitness scenario of her mom, Janelle Kidman.

“We are right here mainly to just take treatment of my mother and to have her surrounded by her grandchildren,” reported younger Kidman.

Gross also questioned how Kidman was carrying out about the Omicron wave.

“It is likely wild in Australia,” Kidman replied.

Despite this, he said, the family was equipped to make a protected date with their 81-year-aged mother.

“We were being equipped to get her to the gallery right after hours and show her the Matisse show, which coming from a mother who elevated me in the arts, was a calming balm,” Kidman stated. “Matisse was a calming balm last night.”

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