News4teachers educational podcast: The digital transformation – a task for the school community

DÜSSELDORF. The digitization of schools requires a coordinated school development in order to be able to make learning with and via media sustainable. But how can this be initiated so that everyone involved in the school feels involved? Headmaster Matthias Förtsch offers possible answers to this question in the current episode of the News4teachers podcast “Die Doppelstunde” with teacher Florian Nuxoll.

Click here for the News4teachers podcast “Doppelstunde”.

“Every process gets better when people are involved who can contribute good ideas,” Matthias Förtsch is convinced. In his work as a school principal, he has already gained experience with the necessary transformation processes in the course of school digitization and published this in a book, among other things. In the “double lesson” he reveals how school administrators can profitably involve the staff, parents and students in the process – without leaving the stage to those who shout the loudest.

The News4teachers podcast “Die Doppelstunde” with Florian Nuxoll revolves around digitization in schools. Every two weeks, Nuxoll, together with changing guests, illuminates school digitization from all sides – supporters and critics have their say. Because Nuxoll wants to know: what works? What not? And what has to change so that schools can use the potential for digitization? At the end of each episode there is a practical tip – low-threshold and ready for the next lesson.

The new podcast was developed in cooperation with Westermann. With the “double lesson”, Westermann, as one of the leading educational media providers, wants to provide information about ideas and best practices of digital education and thus make a contribution to ensuring that digital education can be successfully implemented in schools. Incidentally, the title “double hour” has nothing to do with the length of the podcast (20 minutes): there are always two who speak.

Click here for the News4teachers podcast “Doppelstunde”.

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