Home news YouTube follows Netflix, will create its own Bandersnatch-style interactive shows

YouTube follows Netflix, will create its own Bandersnatch-style interactive shows

Netflix's Bandersnatch has proved so popular among viewers that it may have driven Google to try interactive TV, with plans underway to bring its adventure-style shows to the search giant's streaming platform.

According to Bloomberg, Google is creating a new unit within YouTube to develop original interactive shows to compete with Netflix.

The unit will also work on producing live video platform specials, and will be led by Ben Relles, who was previously the head of unwritten YouTube programming.

To take control

Recently, in November 2018, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that YouTube intends to resize the original content of the scripts starting in 2020. At the time, it was reported that the person responsible for the original programming of the video platform, Susanne Daniels, had already started. to inform the creative partners of the decision, which some argued was due to "a severe budget reduction".

This decision seems to have been at least partially canceled. "We now have new extraordinary tools and opportunities to create and tell multi-layered and interactive stories," Daniels told Bloomberg. "Ben has an intuitive and expert understanding of how the platform can improve content, making it the perfect choice to develop this exciting new division."

According to Bloomberg, YouTube is still studying the development of original content, having purchased projects from producers and will announce a new list of original shows at an event in New York next month.


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