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Your way of writing an X is not the only correct one

One rarely questions one's own way of writing. A Twitter user did it and triggered a discussion about the correct spelling of the letter X. Sixers Smasey asked their Internet followers in which order they draw the lines of the X and has given eight different variants. The result: Everyone seems to be convinced of their own spelling – and everyone writes the X differently. This triggered a debate over the correct spelling of the letter X. Because, as is often the case in life, everyone means to know the only correct way.

Even if I am personally completely clear that only variant 8 is correct and useful (after all, you can continue to write directly afterwards!), One hundred percent of my colleagues think differently. Clearly the number 5, some shout and grab on the head, while others turn the 5 representatives as crazy and insist on number 7. As the arrows of the controversial X-graphics show in different directions, as far as the opinions drift apart, even if there is of course no officially correct spelling.

Twitter user and source of excitement Sixers Smasey is an artist from Philadelphia in the US state Pennsylvania, On her original tweet she received nearly 30,000 answers in a few days, her illustration was widely shared and is now the subject of the social media debate. She says she sees a certain trend: according to Sixers, Americans tend to prefer spellings 7 and 8, while Britons tend to insist on variants 5 and 7. According to our own survey postings on Facebook, ze.tt readers tend to be number five too.

Here you can vote again. Together we may find the only right way:

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